Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Orientation Workshop on reporting on Child related issues under SRHR Project-20-09-2016

Tharuni in collaboration with St. Francis College,Hyderabad, Mass Communications Department, held  'Orientation Workshop on Reporting on child related issues for young Media Fellows' on 20th September 2016, under SRHR Project.As the Media plays a significant role in moulding public opinion, on how to protect children from atrocities, reports the incidents from time to time.But Reporting needs skill to expose the circumstances of abuse and exploitation against children.The Speakers Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer, Founder 'Tharuni',explained in detail, the legal provisions to protect the child and Dos and don'ts , while reporting child related cases.Senior Radio Journalist,
Usha Thuraga, gave an elaborate analysis of the challenges faced by the reporters, along with case studies. Dr. Hemalatha Devi Retired Prof. in Mass  communications, reiterated that the Reporters as watch dogs of Society, should always bear in mind , the best interests of the Children, as they are voiceless.Dr. Antha Kaluvoya, Head of the Department organised  the Workshop. More than seventy five   U.G. and P.G Students  actively participated in the inter active sessions.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Tharuni launched 'Cycle to School' Project at Hyderabad on 13-09-2016

Tharuni Founder Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer and Lata Jain, Senior Journalist initiated the 'Cycle to School' Project to empower and educate the girl children. The girls can have more mobility and freedom with safety and keeps them healthy in their adolescent age, with Cycling. Further the drop out rate of girls from schools will come down.So Tharuni requested donors from the public to contribute for the fund raising campaign, few months back, for which there is good response.In this context Jayceerette Wing (JCI), Banjara Hyderabad, while celebrating 'Joy of Giving Week', donated three cycles to the poor students studying in the ZPHS school, Champapet. The girls are also attending 'Tharuni Gurukul'  a special concept school, improving their life skills for many hundreds of poor children. Dr. Hemalatha Devi who coordinates the Gurukul and also as Director of 'Tharuni' in collaboration with JCI launched the 'Cycle to School' Program on 13th September 2016. JCRT Chair Person Reema Mehta, Secretary Deepsree Sarda, Treasurer Preeti Desoi, Lata Jain, Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer graced the occasion.The local community people, parents and children gathered and appreciated this initiative.
Hope if more people come forward to contribute to this project Tharuni is planning to extend this facility to rural girl children in near future. Tharuni  Hyderabad Account Number can be noted from the Website. Few Non Resident Indians have also came forward to donate for this social cause. Tharuni Face Book also acknowledging the amounts with gratitude.If the donors send their address , Tharuni sends acknowledgement receipts, which comes under IT exemption.
Tharuni hopes that Govt. of India and our State Governments
come forward to initiate and extend this project to all the girls studying from 6th Standard in Govt. schools.It ensures gender equality and safety,and self confidence for Girls.
 So please join 'Tharuni Swechcha'  to empower the Girl Children.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

HER Conference on 'Technology & Human Rights-Presentation on' Tharunopayam' by Sathvik Ponangi-24-08-2016

An U.S. based Astrophysics Professor, Uttam Chandani organised first international Conference of HER India on 23rd & 24th , August at Indian school of Business, Hyderabad.The speakers from different fields  spoke of better  use of technology to control human rights violations.
 Tharuni sponsored an SMS Helpline three years back, to enable vulnerable women and children, who can take advice, guidance and counselling  from the Experts of different fields to answer their queries, sent through their mobiles to the No.9000 24 3000, without disclosing their identity.This Helpline Technology was initiated and operated by 'Doers Guild Software Solutions' Company.It is run without any breakdown for the last three years and could solve problems of 1500 women till now.The CEO and Director of the Company Sathvik Ponangi presented his paper  on "Tharunopayam' in the HER conference., which can be viewed with the following Link

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

HER Conference at ISB- Presentation by Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer on Child Rights on 23-08-2016

The First  HER  India International  Two Day Conference 2016 is  inaugurated today at the International School of Business, Hyderabad on "Exploring Modern Science & Technology Solutions for Humanity, Education and Rights". Tharuni Founder, Former Child rights Commission Member &and  Former CWC Chair person, Warangal and above all Child Rights Activist  Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer, made an  exemplary presentation on the Status of Child Rights & her contributions made for the welfare and protection of Children in our State..
Her presentation is made available here with the following link---:

Sunday, August 21, 2016

State Level Program for Media fellows on Child Rights-SRHR Project; 19-08-2016- At Press Club

Tharuni Organised State Level Program For Media Fellows on Child Rights and Violation of SRHR and Child Abuse, at Press Club on 19-08-2016 from 2 to 5 P.M. Sri Kismath Kumar, Former Director of State  Juvenile Welfare Board was the chief Guest. He enlightened the Journalists, both Print & Electronic Media on the J J Act 2014 in a detailed manner.Dr. P. Hemalatha Devi Retd. Prof. Mass Communications & Journalism, explained on Ethical Reporting on children issues. Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer, Founder of Tharuni,presented on Child Labour act & POCSO Act.The three speakers have reiterated that the Media has to protect the best interests of Children always.If the Journalists commit any mistake in writing and exposing the Child, against its interests , they will be fined upto 2 lakhs & sentence them up to 6 months term of imprisonment, under the Act.
The Program was participated by Anitha from Center for Media Studies, Reporters of Print Media and Electronic Media. Tharuni Team Members Sathyanarayana and Ailesh Yadav  organised the Program.