Thursday, December 8, 2016

Wockhardt Foundation- Shortlisted Dr. Mamatha Achanta for Child Activist Award-2016

Tharuni Founder Director Dr. Mamatha Achanta is serving Women and Children  for the last 16 years. She worked As Member A.P. Child Rights Commission, Chairperson Child Welfare Committee , Warangal District,which got as the best CWC in South India, She Fought against Child Marriages stopping thousands of them,  and against Child Labour,She formulated thousands of  Girls And Boys Groups in villages to work as a net work to achieve their demands.She got many hundreds of girls educated and empowered.She could even plead with the Law Makers to change the Child Laws. Tharuni's recommendations were accepted in changing the Laws for Child Rights.
Tharuni Website  and and the SMS Helpline, of Tharunopayam highlight the sincere services by Tharuni.Org for Children and Women at large.
The Wockhardt Foundation shortlisted Dr. Mamatha for the Child Activist Award in 2016 among the Popular Awards they give every year. Today ie 8th December 2016 at 12 Midnight  the popular Votes she gets will make her as An Icon of Child Activism. For that friends all over the globe are requested to give missed call to the Number--+917097397618. by Midnight.
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Monday, November 28, 2016

Tharuni held Child Protection Committees Meeting at Gangadevipalli, under SRHR Project on 24th November 2016

Tharuni , under SRHR Project of Terres De Hommes, Netherlands, held a Meeting for the Child Protection Committees Members on 24th at Gangadevipalli,Geesukonda Mandal, Warangal District.

The Women Welfare  and Child Development Department and Health Department collaborated with Tharuni. Women Welfare Officer Smt. Sabitha stated that the Anganwadi Workers and Supervisors will help the adolescent girls and boys who face certain problems at that age. Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer, Founder, Tharuni explained that hundreds of Girs and Boys Groups are formed in the 15 villages and the Child Protection Committees are a part of them. The Child Groups are able to solve their problems by bringing them to the notice of Local Authorities and Non Officials, and empower themselves, with their unity and network.

The Meeting was attended by ICDS CDPOs, Mahender, Sailaja, Sarpanches of Villages,ACDPO Hemalatha, Geesukonda PHC Dr. Soujanya, MPTCs, Anganwadi Workers, ASHA Workers, SMC Members, Boys and Girls Groups Members.It could enlighten the Children to protect themselves.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Bala Panchayat Meetings by Tharuni under SRHR Project-14th to 23rd-11-2016

Tharuni conducted elections for the Balapanchayats in the 15 villages in Geesukonda and Duggondi Mandals of Warangal District recently. In the first meeting after elections the  Bala Panchayat Members brought out few issues,related to them and made a representation to the District Collector, to  solve those problems concerning them. This is an inspiring move by the children with the initiative by Tharuni.The following are their issues raised to be taken care immediately.
1 There are no sufficient Toilets for them in Schools with water facilities.
2.There are no Transport facilities to go to school on right time.They requested for Cycles to go.
3.They asked for English Medium Education even for Telugu Medium Students and Computer Education.
4.They complained that the Mid Day Meal served in Schools is not tasty and not of good quality.
5. They requested for Compound Wall for the Schools with a Gate, to be secure and safe.
6. They also wanted Hostel facility and scholarships for the vulnerable children in the schools.

Tharuni forwarded their  Resolutions as an appeal to the District collector (Rural) in Warangal, to initiate a positive action for the above.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Child Rights Week from 14th to 20th November 2016 by Tharuni Under SRHR Project

Tharuni celebrated  Child Rights Week from 14th  to 20th November 2016 in 15 villages of Geesukonda and Duggondi Mandals of Warangal District.Competitions were held in Essay Writing and Elocution on child rights and prizes were distributed for the winners.Rallies were held with the placards against Child Marriages , Child Labour and Trafficking by the Students, Teachers, Community Members and the Tharuni Team Members.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Tharuni conducted one day workshop for Adolescent Girls on SRHR Rights-23-10-2016

Tharuni Conducted one day workshop for the Girls Groups Representatives of 15 villages, at Gangadevi palli of Geesukonda Mandal on 23rd October 2016. The girls are enlightened on Girls Reproductive Rights,Health rights by the founder Member of Tharuni, Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer.She stated about the importance to understand how the human body grows during Adolescence and how they should react with positive thinking , without any apprehensions.During that period what precautions they should take and which types of nutritious food they should eat, was explained with video display, mapping and group discussions among the girls and the Tharuni  Resource persons.The girls could identify their problems and learnt how to overcome them.More than 75 girls represented their villages.