Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Women interfaith journey to South India

The Inter Faith Coalition Programme (I.C.P) a renowned N.G.O. collaborating with THARUNI has arranged Women InterFaith Journey to South India for three days at Warangal. Two women from Ladakh, one woman from Nagaland, one from Delhi, two from Hyderabad went to attend the cultural and inter faith exchange programme from 14th to 16th December 2009. They met several persons belonging to different faiths and interacted with them. Tharuni Director Dr. Mamatha arranged meetings, and kalajathas by their cultural wings at different places. The team visited religious monuments, temples churches and mosques.Vinod Kumar and Sribala from Hyderabad coordinated the programme.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Capacity Building Workshop by MAMTA, New Delhi

Today The Women and Child Welfare Department, MAMTA Organisation of New Delhi and Tharuni are jointly conducting a Capacity Building Work Shop on Prohibition of Child Marriage Act 2006 to the officials of all Government Departments including Revenue, Police and Education of Warangal District. The Women and Child Welfare Officers, Project Director I.C.D.S. Deputy Director, MAMTA Coordinator Ms. Fransisca and Tharuni Director and participants of all Departments attend the Workshop.
On 8h November, there will be Valedictory function attended by the Dt. Judge and Secretary Dt. legal Services Auhority and the District Collector, Warangal.

Competitions for differenly abled children

Tharuni conducted competitions in sports and games in the three mandals of Dharmasagar, Station Ghanpur and Geesukonda for the differently abled children on 3rd November and distributed prizes for the winners to encourage them to bring out their hidden talents.The children actively participated in the events, and Tharuni appreciates them all for their innate capabilities.

Monday, December 7, 2009

A Memorable Visit by US Team to Warangal

It is a memorable event for Tharuni who has hosted a Professor, Dr.Karen Walker, A clinical Psychologist from Columbia University of United States of America, along with the Public Affairs Officer Ms. Julieth Wurr and Programme Manager Salil Kader of US Consulate, Hyderabad, India on 2nd and 3rd November,2009 at Warangal. Dr. Singleton represents a Non Governmental Organisation called the Take Back the Night for the abused women and rape victims in 40 countries all over the world. The visitors have attended a Meeting held at Mennukonda a remote village in the District and had interaction with women there. The cultural Wing of Tharuni presented Kalajathas on woes of women and child Marriages. The Guests were felicitated by Dr. Mamatha, Director Tharuni.
On 3rd November, a Workshop was held at Warangal on Counselling Techniques for abused women in which Psychologists, Students of Social work, and many youth and women actively participated and interacted along with the US Guests. Dr. Singleton, and Ms. Wurr appreciated the Tharuni for its efforts to uplift the lives of women.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Essay Writing Competition on Child Rights

Tharuni conducted Essay Writing competitions for 200 children of 45 schools in the three mandals of Warangal District,{Geesukonda, Dharmasagar and Station Ghanpur} on the eve of closing ceremony of Child Rights Week.The Prize winners were given certificates and shields for their best performance.
The National Institute of Technology arranged a Meeting at Warangal for its students. The District Collector was invited as the Chief Guest. The Students, Faculty Members and the Director spoke on the occasion. The collector while addressing,appreciated the NGO Tharuni for its efforts to bring the students from the rural areas to learn Information Technology training in the NIT for the last one year for more than 200 students which is a rare opportunity provided to them.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Training for Girls in NIT, Warangal

Nearly 50 graduate and under graduate girls are being trained on Information technology, sponsored by National Institute of Technology, Warangal from today, for five weeks, It is a joint venture with Tharuni.
Tharuni is conducting Child Rights week for the school children sponsored by UNICEF in the Warangal District.
Dr Mamatha, Director, Tharuni could find out Ms. Rajitha who was offered help four years ago, not to be seen, later. Rajitha is otherwise able person, without hands, pulling on her livelihood on the Train travels free of cost permitted by the Railways. She accompanies the passenger and collects the fare from the person as she is allowed to travel along with an attendant. Mamatha could persuade her to seek a job suitable to her in the NIT with the permission of the Authorities. It is remarkable to note that Rajitha rears a girl child of 5 years left by child's parents, with her meager income.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tharuni gurukul online

Tharuni Gurukul a branch of Tharuni which has been working since 2004 for the welfare of children who are less privileged. Hundreds of children could reach their goals of education within their ambit of environment under the guidance of Tharuni.They are learning soft skills beyond their curriculum, in addition to their personality development. Their standards in regular school education has improved remarkably with the creative attitudes developed in the Gurukul.
Now the Gurukul is being expanded to the 'e-world'.So all of you can listen to the songs and slokas sung at the Gurukul at http://tinyurl.com/ykrjmyu.

Children's Day at Tharuni Gurukul

14th being Children's Day in India, Tharuni conducted competitions in games and sports in the Branch Library premises at Hyderabad for the school children. From 14th to 20th the 42nd Library week is also held for its readers and also general public in the Branch Library, Nagarjuna colony, Champapet, Hyderabad. Children, and women actively participated in all activities and games. The elders and community leaders attended the function to give away the prizes to the participants. Refreshments were given to all of them.
Retired District and Sessions Judge Sadguru Prasad,Colony welfare Association Secretary Pramod Reddy, Aruna Pramod Reddy,Damodar Reddy, GHMC election contestant A. Laxmi Narayana, Revathi Teacher,Ganesh, Nirmala, Radha, Sumithra, Vijaya Laxmi and many women and children participated in the event and they all appreciated the efforts of Retired Professor Dr. Hemalatha, Director, Tharuni Gurukul and the Librarian Indira Devi in moulding the Library into a cultural Center.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pathetic conditions of Handi Crafts Artisans

Tharuni is conducting a Survey on the pathetic working conditions of the Handicrafts Artisans, particularly the weavers of Pochampalli Pattu(pure silk) saris.Dr. Mamatha personally visited Pochampalli, Choutuppal and other villages in Nalgonda District to initiate the Survey.
It is really heartening to see their plight. Earlier they used to weave hundreds of saris every week, whereas now they weave only eight saris a week. For all their work they get a nominal Rs .600 ($12) per sari, while the retailer sells it for over Rs.5000 ($100).This happens because of middle men and also due to Market conditions prevailing every where.
We hope the survey will bring out a change in the lives of the Handicrafts Artisans.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Plight of a Primary School

Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer, Director Tharuni, recently visited a Government run Primary School. In her own words let us understand the plight of the school.
"I happened to visit Kommala Thanda/ Kotha Thanda part of Panchayat - Nandanayak Thanda, Warangal District recently where we have started an 'Evening School' to motivate the drop out children after a Kalajatha performance. The Parents asked me to visit the Primary School near this Thanda which is in Gunturpally Habitation (Vishwanadhapuram Panchayat) beside Nandanayak Thanda, where all these children have to study. Their complaint was, the premises of this school stink with cow dung and urine as all the Buffaloes and cows are tied in the school premises entire night. Every Saturday, there will be a market for selling Buffaloes in front of the school where there is an open place. The parents complained that the students are not having mid day meals in the school as the premises stink. Every Saturday, the Children have to bunk the school due to the Market.
I went myself to analyze the situation and was shocked to see the Buffaloes being tied to the School entrance(gate) itself. There was lot of dung and other wastage near the walls. Kindly go through the photographs - I have attached - you can find that our Wall Writing is also spoiled by dung & urine. We could find hundreds of Buffaloes in the open place opposite the school. When enquired with local people, they told me that the Buffaloes belong to a Politician and they will not listen to us ."
Hope the People, and the Authorities suitably react and improve the situation to enable the poor children to educate themselves.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Drive to Badi Bata RBC, Gurukuls by Tharuni

Tharuni started a Drive for children out of schools to Residential Bridge Courses.More than 12o children are admitted in RBCs in the three Mandals of Station Ghanpur,Dharmasagar and Geesukonda. They are being trained to get habituated, leading to Badi (school) Bata (way). Books, small libraries and play material were distributed by us. Hope parents and local people cooperate with Tharuni coordinators to get the children go to schools regularly.
Tharuni is starting Gurukul branches at different places to educate and develop the skills of children who are unable to go to schools regularly due to extreme poverty conditions of parents and assisting them in their daily chores, looking after younger siblings of their family , make them attend the gurukul of Tharuni, in the evenings. The children learn basic education to read and write in a playful manner and music in the evenings. Tomorrow on 28th October Tharuni gurukul is being initiated at Nanda Naik Thanda in Geesukonda Mandal. Tharuni Gurukul was already established at Hyderabad from 2004 and the all round development of hundreds of school going children took place. Many dropouts could complete their studies even upto degree level. The audio clippings of gurukul can be heard at http://tinyurl.com/ykrjmyu Let us all join together to extend this program everywhere.
Today a petiton was filed against the parents of Geesukonda Mandal who are about to perform a child marriage, to get it stopped by the State Legal Services Authority, Warangal.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Trainings to Govt. Depts. in the District on HIV

Tharuni Could successfully complete Training and awareness Programs to Twenty Eight Government Department Officials in the District of Warangal on HIV AIDS as scheduled by the State AIDS Control Society within the stipulated period. All the Officials cooperated with Tharuni to conduct the program and got motivated to eradicate the disease in the District. Tharuni is grateful to all of them for cooperating with the organisation and also the AIDS Control Society for providing the opportunity to conduct the Program.

Tharuni on Domestic violence

Tharuni Director visited some of the villages in Jafarghad Mandal to act as a Service Provider to the women under Domestic Violence Act. She discussed the details of the cases wih both husband and wife in both cases and counselled them and explained the Law to them. She assured the women the services they get under the Act and tried to negotiate with both parties to overcome the situation.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tharuni on HIV AIDS

Tharuni has associated itself with A.P. AIDS Control Society to undertake Training Programs to Officials as well as non Officials, including local MLAS to take initiative to spread the message to curb AIDS among the people in Warangal District.
Andhra Pradesh is second State in the country which is facing the spread of this epidemic without awareness among men and women to use the condoms for sexual relations. Lakhs of people particularly women and children are affected mostly by the negligence of men in the society. Let us hope to get the attitudinal changes in sexual behaviour among the people.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tharuni on Child Protection

During this week Tharuni Director and Coordinators made surprise Visits to Jinning Mills, where they found out Children under 14 years are allowed to work in the Mills. They tried to counsel the children for which they tried to escape that they are working during this vacation before festival. So next day Tharuni arranged a Meeting of the Proprietors of the mills and the Employers to counsel them and enlighten them on the Child Labour Prohibition Act and against child marriages at Geesukonda and Ghanpur Mandals.
It is a memorable event for the villagers of Kasagudem an interior village near Rayagudem in Dharmasagar Mandal where Tharuni cultural Team performed Kala jathas on evil results of Child Marriages and child labour. It is really heartening to note that the villagers belonging to the minority communities do not allow their children to go to schools to study, particularly the girl children are married off at very young age without even basic education. Tharuni decides to educate the parents on these social evils and guide them to get attitudinal changes in this regard in these remote areas.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Training Programmes by Tharuni

Tharuni is conducting Training Programs during this week against child marriages and trafficking for Girls studying 11th and 12th standards in Junior colleges in three mandals of Geesukonda, Station Ghanpur and Dharmasagar, as part of UNICEF Project.The local Education Officers, Principals, Staff, and Officials of Local Bodies are attending the Program along with Tharuni Coordinators, including our Director Mamatha. Local UNICEF Representatives are actively participating in the events.
Similarly training and awareness programs are held for Teachers in secondary schools to take initiative to stop child marriages. Special classes are held for Purohits and Priests who conduct child marriages to inform them that it is illegal on their part to do such events and they are punishable under the Child Marriage Abolition Act.Awareness programs are held for Mill Owners and Proprietors who appoint Child labour in their factories.Special Legal awareness Camps are conducted by State Legal Services Authority of Warangal District ,participated by Judges, Lawyers and local officials.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Homage to our beloved chief Minister

The Director of Tharuni Dr.Mamatha and all the Members of Tharuni deeply mourn the sudden and tragic death of our Leader YSR (Yedugoori Sandinti Rajasekhar Reddy) our beloved Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. We all lost a great MAN of the Masses, a visionary and a dynamic Leader.Our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family members, including people of Andhra Pradesh.

Work Shop by Tharuni on 3rd,4th postponed indefinitely

Tharuni was supposed to conduct the Workshop on child Marriage Act on 3rd and 4th September at Warangal got postponed due to the sad demise of our beloved Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.
on 2nd September 2009.
The inconvenience caused to the invitees is regretted.The next date of the Workshop will be intimated later.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Workshop on Child Marriage Act

The Parents committees initiated by Tharuni in the Schools are very much successful along with Girls' groups. The parents are created awareness about their wards' education and also to combat social evils. The Balika Sanghas (girls' groups) are being extended in the whole District under the advice of Women And Child Welfare Department.
A workshop on Child Marriages Act is being held on 3rd and 4th of September 2009, at Warangal inaugurated by our Hon'ble Minister for Women and Child Development, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh Smt. Konda Surekha and Smt Anuradha I.A.S. Commissioner DEPT. of Women and Child Development will be the Chief guest.
The KalaJathas (cultural programmes) conducted by Tharuni are appreciaed by people as they touch not only the social evils but also health hazards like Swine Flu and HIV AIDS.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Salutations to Mother Theresa

To day being the Birth Day of Our Mother- Theresa- who is a role model for selfless service to the mankind Tharuni offers its salutations to the Mother, and prays Her blessings in serving the cause of women.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Adopt and Educate a child

Tharuni Gurukul a branch of Tharuni is working for the welfare of children who are less privileged to educate themselves from 2004.Hundreds of children could reach their goals of education within their ambit of environment under the guidance of Tharuni.They are learning soft skills beyond their curriculum, in addition to their personality development. Their standards in regular school education has improved remarkably with the creative attitudes developed in the Gurukul.
It is a high light that some of the under privileged children from Primary school to Engineering are benefited by the due help they received from the community to continue and pursue their studies.
A house wife adopted a boy to shift him from a Public School to an English Medium School.Another Professor in an Engineering College adopted another boy by paying the yearly fee. An under privileged girl whom passed Tenth Standard with 75 percent would not have joined Junior college for 12th Standard but for the timely help of the community members. Engineering Students could receive different types of educational scholarships to pursue their studies. There are many more examples of such cases.
In this background Tharuni requests you all to ----adopt and educate a child in need.--- If you have time EACH ONE TEACH ONE.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tharuni cultural wing in Ganesh pandals

To day being Ganesh Chathurdhi people in every village celebrate community festival in the Ganesh Pandals. They erect the Vinayaka Idol do pooja in the morning and evening and night they attend cultural programs. Tharuni initiated KalaJathas(cultural Programs) to eliminate social evils in all villages in Warangal District. The coordinators in the villages identify the social evils prevailing in the village and based on that the cultural wing enacts the program to stop that evil.They may be in the form of Burra kathas, Puppet shows, songs, Palle suddulu, dramas, skits and so on.Hope the people will have exposure, and understand the problem, try to solve it.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Valedictory of YES Program

Tharuni successfully completed the 5th Batch of Youth Employment Scheme sponsored by the District Police Department and also DRDA today on 20th August. It is really a Wonderful Program helped many young women in hundreds to have vocational guidance in different fields like Hotel Management, DTP, Fashion designing,Stitching in addition to life skills, Yoga, Karate Personality development, spoken english and so on.Many girls are selected as lady constables, Chermas for fashion designing, Apparels, In 3 Star Hotels etc. The girls were very happy to learn these skills and get jobs, empowering them. The Valedictory was held today, participated by DRDA officials, Tharuni Director and Police officials.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tharuni programmes of 18th and 19th August 2009

Tharuni conducted a meeting at Station Ghanpur on 17th to mobilise the Parents to send their children to schools who are dropped out.There are about 140 school drop outs in the Mandal area. the Mandal Revenue Officer, Mandal Education Officer MPTC and other local officers participated The Parents committees are formed to tackle the issue.
Tharuni formulated Cultural committees to take active part on the issues of Social Evils. They will participate in the programs with Puppet shows, Kala Jathas, Palle Suddulu and folk songs in order to motivate and inspire the people on the issues.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Parents committees in Girls groups

Amma Nannalu =Parents committees are being formed to negotiate, counsel and if necessary pressurise them to not to conduct child Marriages in rural areas, in order to empower the Girl child are initiated in Warangal District by Tharuni as a pilot project.This will work under Balika Sanghas (Girls' Groups) so that those parents who are against the empowerment of girl child can be identified and helped to overcome their problems. Let us empower the 'Amma Nannalu' in this process. There are more than 200 Girls groups consisting of 2000 girls. Tharuni is expanding them day by day.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

63rd Independence Day

Tharuni celebrated 63rd Independence Day at Warangal and Station Ghanpur which was participated by Director Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer , coordinators,other staff members and many young men and women.The young girls who got placements in different organisations under YES Program sponsored by the Police Department were jubilant and expressed their gratitude to Tharuni for the opportunities provided empowering them.Patriotic songs were sung by the groups.

Friday, August 14, 2009

We are against Child Labour

Tharuni,sponsored by UNISEF conducted a Mass Rally of hundreds of students in Geesukonda as an awareness program against Child Labour.Local Mandal Revenue Officer and MPDO and other officials and Dr. Mamatha and Tharuni Coordinaors participated in the rally with
placards followed by speeches.
Tharuni has focussed the issue of Child labour working in Ginning Mills and Brick Kiln Industries coordinating with Law Enforcement Authorities and Labour Dept. to punish the Managements and got the children released.
Let us take an oath that we should not appoint children below the age of 14 years in any menial jobs. Adopt atleast one child to educate up to degree level.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Please do not support child marriages

Tharuni appeals to all that 'Please do not support Child marriages' A child marriage took place on 12th August even though Tharuni Coordinator took lot of pain to counsel the parents. in a village near Warangal The event took place in the guise of a get together program of relatives. By the time the Police rushed there the marriage was performed to the 15 year girl in a hurried manner. The Police registered a case against the parents and they have to face penal action. So far Tharuni could stop hundreds of marriages but still a change should come in the mind set of the people.There is a long way to go. But we win.
The Youth Day celebrations were conducted in a befitting manner by Tharuni. After Rally in Station Ghanpur a meeting was held participated by local officials, Lions Club, politicians and students. They all spoke about the importance of healthy youth to serve the country.
At Warangal Tharuni Director and youth gave a Memorandum to DT.Collector to specially allocate a day in a week in Government Hospitals for the free health check of youth, for which he gave a positive reply.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tharuneeyam 12th August2009

Tharuni means a young woman.Started in the year 2000 by a mother and daughter, it has blossomed in to a forum for the adolescent girls' empowerment Tharuni's aim is to educate the girls to enjoy self esteem and greater say in decision making, to marry at a right age, and thus play a major role in social development.
Today being the International youth Day we propose a rightful place for the women in the Society as equal partners on par with men.Health is wealth. Women are supposed to take care of their health and hygiene as a healthy mother leads a healthy family.Let them lead in creating a healthy and peaceful atmosphere in the society at large for the Future generation.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

youth Rallyon 12th August 2009

Tharuni is conducting Youth Rally to initiate positive youth health programs
by the Government as well as the Society on 12th August 2009, to be participated
by Students of many colleges, officials and public at Warangal. Youth are the wealth
of the nation.

They should realise that they are the the future generation who are expected to lead
the country on right path. Their health is our wealth. Let them concentrate on

reaching their positive goals with good behaviour and healthy habits.
Tharuni is giving livelihood trainings to the young men and women.
It is exploring the job opportunities by a tie up for them.
Youth are encouraged to take up higher education through distant mode.
Wish the International Youth Festival a grand success.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

9th August2009

Tharuni's endeavor is to make the adoloscent girls and women attain their rightful place as equal partners with men in development by fully harnessing their potential.
Tharuni works on the issues on
*Child Marriages
*Child Labour
*Problems of the Aged

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Welcome to Tharuni News

Tharuni is a voluntary organization working for the empowerment of adolescent girls, women and the aged.

'Tharuni' is a Sanskrit term meaning 'a woman in her reproductive age' . It is aptly named so, as it works for Adolescent Girls and women. It was established on February 15, 2000, by Dr. Achanta Mamatha Raghuveer, who has dedicated her life for the all round development of Girl Child. She has a vast experience in the Social Development sector, and has found that the Girl Child who is a future citizen and will contribute heavily to the development of the nation is being neglected and discriminated in the society and at home. Thus she needs all the help and support she can get. With this view Dr Mamatha started Tharuni with the support of a few well trained and dedicated people in Warangal and Hyderabad districts of Andhra Pradesh (India). The main beneficiaries of Tharuni’s activities are adolescent girls and women.

We have opened Tharuni blog for sharing daily updates with all of you.


- 08 Aug 2009