Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Adopt and Educate a child

Tharuni Gurukul a branch of Tharuni is working for the welfare of children who are less privileged to educate themselves from 2004.Hundreds of children could reach their goals of education within their ambit of environment under the guidance of Tharuni.They are learning soft skills beyond their curriculum, in addition to their personality development. Their standards in regular school education has improved remarkably with the creative attitudes developed in the Gurukul.
It is a high light that some of the under privileged children from Primary school to Engineering are benefited by the due help they received from the community to continue and pursue their studies.
A house wife adopted a boy to shift him from a Public School to an English Medium School.Another Professor in an Engineering College adopted another boy by paying the yearly fee. An under privileged girl whom passed Tenth Standard with 75 percent would not have joined Junior college for 12th Standard but for the timely help of the community members. Engineering Students could receive different types of educational scholarships to pursue their studies. There are many more examples of such cases.
In this background Tharuni requests you all to ----adopt and educate a child in need.--- If you have time EACH ONE TEACH ONE.

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