Thursday, August 13, 2009

Please do not support child marriages

Tharuni appeals to all that 'Please do not support Child marriages' A child marriage took place on 12th August even though Tharuni Coordinator took lot of pain to counsel the parents. in a village near Warangal The event took place in the guise of a get together program of relatives. By the time the Police rushed there the marriage was performed to the 15 year girl in a hurried manner. The Police registered a case against the parents and they have to face penal action. So far Tharuni could stop hundreds of marriages but still a change should come in the mind set of the people.There is a long way to go. But we win.
The Youth Day celebrations were conducted in a befitting manner by Tharuni. After Rally in Station Ghanpur a meeting was held participated by local officials, Lions Club, politicians and students. They all spoke about the importance of healthy youth to serve the country.
At Warangal Tharuni Director and youth gave a Memorandum to DT.Collector to specially allocate a day in a week in Government Hospitals for the free health check of youth, for which he gave a positive reply.

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