Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tharuni on Child Protection

During this week Tharuni Director and Coordinators made surprise Visits to Jinning Mills, where they found out Children under 14 years are allowed to work in the Mills. They tried to counsel the children for which they tried to escape that they are working during this vacation before festival. So next day Tharuni arranged a Meeting of the Proprietors of the mills and the Employers to counsel them and enlighten them on the Child Labour Prohibition Act and against child marriages at Geesukonda and Ghanpur Mandals.
It is a memorable event for the villagers of Kasagudem an interior village near Rayagudem in Dharmasagar Mandal where Tharuni cultural Team performed Kala jathas on evil results of Child Marriages and child labour. It is really heartening to note that the villagers belonging to the minority communities do not allow their children to go to schools to study, particularly the girl children are married off at very young age without even basic education. Tharuni decides to educate the parents on these social evils and guide them to get attitudinal changes in this regard in these remote areas.

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