Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Drive to Badi Bata RBC, Gurukuls by Tharuni

Tharuni started a Drive for children out of schools to Residential Bridge Courses.More than 12o children are admitted in RBCs in the three Mandals of Station Ghanpur,Dharmasagar and Geesukonda. They are being trained to get habituated, leading to Badi (school) Bata (way). Books, small libraries and play material were distributed by us. Hope parents and local people cooperate with Tharuni coordinators to get the children go to schools regularly.
Tharuni is starting Gurukul branches at different places to educate and develop the skills of children who are unable to go to schools regularly due to extreme poverty conditions of parents and assisting them in their daily chores, looking after younger siblings of their family , make them attend the gurukul of Tharuni, in the evenings. The children learn basic education to read and write in a playful manner and music in the evenings. Tomorrow on 28th October Tharuni gurukul is being initiated at Nanda Naik Thanda in Geesukonda Mandal. Tharuni Gurukul was already established at Hyderabad from 2004 and the all round development of hundreds of school going children took place. Many dropouts could complete their studies even upto degree level. The audio clippings of gurukul can be heard at http://tinyurl.com/ykrjmyu Let us all join together to extend this program everywhere.
Today a petiton was filed against the parents of Geesukonda Mandal who are about to perform a child marriage, to get it stopped by the State Legal Services Authority, Warangal.

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