Friday, November 6, 2009

Plight of a Primary School

Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer, Director Tharuni, recently visited a Government run Primary School. In her own words let us understand the plight of the school.
"I happened to visit Kommala Thanda/ Kotha Thanda part of Panchayat - Nandanayak Thanda, Warangal District recently where we have started an 'Evening School' to motivate the drop out children after a Kalajatha performance. The Parents asked me to visit the Primary School near this Thanda which is in Gunturpally Habitation (Vishwanadhapuram Panchayat) beside Nandanayak Thanda, where all these children have to study. Their complaint was, the premises of this school stink with cow dung and urine as all the Buffaloes and cows are tied in the school premises entire night. Every Saturday, there will be a market for selling Buffaloes in front of the school where there is an open place. The parents complained that the students are not having mid day meals in the school as the premises stink. Every Saturday, the Children have to bunk the school due to the Market.
I went myself to analyze the situation and was shocked to see the Buffaloes being tied to the School entrance(gate) itself. There was lot of dung and other wastage near the walls. Kindly go through the photographs - I have attached - you can find that our Wall Writing is also spoiled by dung & urine. We could find hundreds of Buffaloes in the open place opposite the school. When enquired with local people, they told me that the Buffaloes belong to a Politician and they will not listen to us ."
Hope the People, and the Authorities suitably react and improve the situation to enable the poor children to educate themselves.

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