Monday, January 25, 2010

Uyyala (cradle)Scheme for abandoned child

Tharuni initiated "uyyala (cradle)Scheme in the Government Hospital compound in Warangal, collaborating with Women Welfare and Child Development Department,Integrated Child Development Scheme Officials and D. M. H. S Doctors and UNICEF. This scheme is already existing in some of the Districts in Andhra Pradesh. Tharuni distributed Banners in various hospitals to not to through away an unwanted child in the Dustbin to be eaten away by Dogs and Pigs.The child will be taken care by the sisuvihar of women welfare Dept, and later it can be adopted with due process by any family.A meeting was held in the Hospital compound to enlighten the people. Tharuni's initiative was appreciated.

Today being the National Girl Child Day,rallies are being held in the district and also meetings are being held to discuss the problems of the girl child and also how to overcome them.Tharuni has participated along with other NGOs at District level and conducts rallies at Mandal level.