Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Paritcipatory video short film production by Tharunulu

Participatory video film making training was given to Surekha, Tharuni Volunteer, in July, August by the Central University of Hyderabad in collaboration with UNICEF. In the last two weeks of October 2010 she trained more than 20 girls from Balika Sanghas of Tharuni on short film making and documentaries. The girls made six short films on different issues related to young women and girl children under the guidance of Surekha and Dr. Mamatha and Sathya Sodhana film company. The issues are on traditional games, health, food and nutrition, child marriages, importance of marriage registration and so on. The films will be displayed in the Indian film festival conducted by UNICEF in the middle of November.
The girls are very enthusiastic in making these films and they are eager to get good recognition and prize winning in the festival. We appreciate their efforts and interest shown in film making.

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