Thursday, April 14, 2011

US friends' visit to Warangal on 18th and 19th March2011

Ms. Mary Richie, Ms. Reagan, Ms. Marissa from Women Crisis Center, Kentucky, Of United States of America visited Warangal and Hyderabad on 18th, and 19th, March 2011, as guests of Tharuni to study and observe the status of Adolescent Girls and women in Andhra Pradesh.
They attended Kalajathas and other cultural programmes held by Kakathiya Cultural team of Tharuni at Gorrekunta village in Geesukonda Mandal. They also met Balika sangha girls at Pallagutta village in Station Ghanpur Mandal. They enjoyed the hospitality of Tharuni Team under the leadership of Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer. They also participated in the Holi celebrations in a Tribal village. The craft work of the village women were appreciated by them. The girls painted Mehendi to the guests. They also attended an Indian Marriage at Hyderabad. They met the Police officials working on human trafficking. They appreciated Tharuni for its dedicated work serving the girl children and women.

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