Thursday, June 30, 2011

Statistical Day on 29th June 2011

Statistical Day was celebrated at the Collectorate of Warangal, in which the Chief Planning Officer, Statistical Department enlightened on the Census 2011 and the ratio of Men and Women in the District.
Tharuni Director Dr. Mamatha spoke on the dwindling statistics of women and girl children in the state, particularly in Warangal District.

Balika Sanghas' leaders traning-27th June

Girls Groups (Balika Sanghas) leaders training was given At Devaruppula on 27th and at Station Ghanpur on 30th, enlightening them on leadership skills and personality development by Tharuni Team.
Training was given on compulsory Marriage Registration, and birth certificates, to the Panchayat Secretaries and village revenue officers of Deveruppula Mandal on 28th June 2011, by Tharuni.

Boys groups' Leaders Meet At Warangal on 26th June 2011

Tharuni organised a pilot Meeting for young, rural boys, aged between 13 to 18, on 26th June 2011, at Divya Deepti Bhavan, Warangal. The main objective of the meeting was to encourage them to come forward and express their concerns and challenges on a unique platform called the'Balura Sangha' ( Boys' Group).
Tharuni is already having 'Balika Sanghas' (girls' groups) for 12000 girls from four Mandals in the District. The Executive Body of Tharuni had decided to introduce Boys Groups, so that they also unite together to face the challenges and hardships, while improving their skills, to become responsible future citizens of India.
The meeting was arranged for the leaders of the Balura Sanghas of 90 villages. They were introduced with the inputs of how to form sanghas and their advantages, by Dr. Mamatha.Deputy Health Education officer, Srinivas, enlightened the boys on reproductive health and hygiene.Sri Prabhu chaithanyananda of Ramakrishna Mission spoke on their personality development.Mama Mahesh of RED F.M.(Radio Jackie) explained about the bad habits and how to control oneself against them. Ms. Surekha,Director Epitome, Hyderabad, and Tharuni Advisory Board Member conducted games on leadership and personality development.
Boys were very happy and enthusiastic to attend the meeting and Tharuni assured them full cooperation to rejuvenate them and strengthen their sanghas.

Rescue operation of a girl child from bonded labour

The Child Help Line, Warangal,Child Welfare Committee Members,labour Department Officials, along with Tharuni Director, conducted a rescue operation of an orphan minor girl from the house of a Government Employee. Thaslima, aged 13 years now, had been working as a domestic help for the last three years, bearing all hardships and abuse. She was rescued on 24th June and given food and shelter at Kasthurba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya, Hasanparthi near Warangal, after initiating legal action against the person and his wife for keeping the child labour in their house.
We all know that, a child below 14 years of age is not supposed to work as a labourer.

Child Help Line training to the Team Members

The Child Help Line Foundation Of India, Mumbai, in collaboration with Department of Women and child Welfare, Government of India conducted a training programme from 14th June 2011, at Divya Deepti Bhavan Warangal to the Tharuni Team Members and Sub-Centre Head on the Child Protection issues.The Sub-Centre is started at Eturu Nagaram and Child Help line Centres at Govindaraopet, Thadvai,and Mangapet in Warangal District. District Child Welfare committee Chair Person, Dr.Mamatha Raghuveer spoke on the problems 0f children and how to protect them from atrocities.The training was held for five days.
Any child or any well wisher of the child in the area can call the Toll Free number -1098- when he/she is in distress to get protection and help from the Police immediately.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Children to go to schools/not work

The' Vidya Pakshosthavalu' programme of the State is being implemented innovatively by Tharuni. On an experimental basis Tharuni initiated a Rally by the Parents in the villages who are supposed to send their children regularly to school, instead of making them work,along with teachers, villagers and Tharuni coordinators with placards and a big banner,with the slogan "children have right to education and parents have responsibility to send them to school''. In Telugu "chaduvu pillala hakku,Chadivinchadam peddala badhyatha'. The Tharuni team reach the school and make the parents sign on the banner accepting to send their ward to school as a promise. If they fail to send, the village community will question them, along with the teachers and Tharuni, as the Banner is hanged to the wall in the school. Hope an attitudinal change will come among the parents realising the importance of education.

Monday, June 6, 2011

UNICEF Arranged Exposure visit for NGOs

UNICEF, Warangal arranged an exposure visit to the NGOs of the district who are working in the Child Protection Project to observe the work of Navjeevan, an NGO working for the street children and orphans for the last two decades at Vijayawada, Krishna District. Tharuni sent the four Mandal Coordinators, twenty cluster coordinators, along with the Manager for the visit from 23rd to 26th of May 2011.
They all met the NGOs Forum, Child Rights' Advocacy forum to discuss about the child protection programmes undertaken by Navjeevan organisation. They have also visited model parliament by children at mandal and district level solving their problems. They observed The Child Welfare Committee activities in Krishna District.

Boys Groups initiated by Tharuni

Boys groups are formulated in the Government Schools in Geesukonda and Dharmasagar Mandals by Tharuni to solve their problems. As Girls Groups are successful it is high time that Boys also can achieve everything with united effort. The hope of Tharuni certainly bears fruit very soon.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Girls groups in schools by Tharuni -a great change

There are thousands of Balika Sanghas ( Girls Groups), in the government schools already existing in the four mandals where Tharuni is working for the last 12 years in the Warangal District. They are actively involving themselves not only in their personal problems but also in the community activities, meeting every fortnight.
Really it is a great change Tharuni brought in the lives of the adoloscent girls. The Balika sangham at Viswanathapuram village in Geesukonda Mandal is one of the examples where the girls installed placards to protect and save the people from committing suicides and also against polluting the Water tank in the village. similarly the Balika sangham in Vanchanagiri village in the same Mandal assembled as a parliament, identified the problems in the village, made a representation to the Sarpanch of the village to solve them immediately. In another village Manugonda, Ravali, studying 9th class, did not agree to work in the cotton fields when her mother asked her to do so as she prefers to go to school.She erected the placard against child labour in the middle of the village.Tharuni congratulates the Balika sanghas for their concern for the development of their villages.

Tharuni Programmes in the Summer of 2011

*Tharuni Volunteers stopped twelve Child Marriages in the Geesukonda Mandal of Warangal District.
*More than hundred school drop out children were admitted in the schools in the four Mandals.
School bags were distributed to them along with the stationery. Twenty five in Deveruppula Mandal, fifty two in Station Ghanpur Mandal , eighteen in Dharmasagar and few more in Geesukonda Mandal were identified as drop out children by Tharuni Volunteers.
* Tharuni conducted survey on the water and sanitation problems in the government schools under the supervision of UNICEF and submitted the report, to be resubmitted to the Centre for Environmental Science. It is a pity that many schools do not have these basic amenities leading to many school drop outs every year. Hope the Government reacts to this situation and improves the sanitation and water facilities in the schools.
*Under the sponsorship of UNICEF Tharuni arranged Tuitions for the students of 8th, 9th, and 10th classes in three villages in Geesukonda Mandal and two villages in Dharmasagar in the Mathematics subject.