Sunday, June 12, 2011

Children to go to schools/not work

The' Vidya Pakshosthavalu' programme of the State is being implemented innovatively by Tharuni. On an experimental basis Tharuni initiated a Rally by the Parents in the villages who are supposed to send their children regularly to school, instead of making them work,along with teachers, villagers and Tharuni coordinators with placards and a big banner,with the slogan "children have right to education and parents have responsibility to send them to school''. In Telugu "chaduvu pillala hakku,Chadivinchadam peddala badhyatha'. The Tharuni team reach the school and make the parents sign on the banner accepting to send their ward to school as a promise. If they fail to send, the village community will question them, along with the teachers and Tharuni, as the Banner is hanged to the wall in the school. Hope an attitudinal change will come among the parents realising the importance of education.

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