Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tharuni Programmes in the Summer of 2011

*Tharuni Volunteers stopped twelve Child Marriages in the Geesukonda Mandal of Warangal District.
*More than hundred school drop out children were admitted in the schools in the four Mandals.
School bags were distributed to them along with the stationery. Twenty five in Deveruppula Mandal, fifty two in Station Ghanpur Mandal , eighteen in Dharmasagar and few more in Geesukonda Mandal were identified as drop out children by Tharuni Volunteers.
* Tharuni conducted survey on the water and sanitation problems in the government schools under the supervision of UNICEF and submitted the report, to be resubmitted to the Centre for Environmental Science. It is a pity that many schools do not have these basic amenities leading to many school drop outs every year. Hope the Government reacts to this situation and improves the sanitation and water facilities in the schools.
*Under the sponsorship of UNICEF Tharuni arranged Tuitions for the students of 8th, 9th, and 10th classes in three villages in Geesukonda Mandal and two villages in Dharmasagar in the Mathematics subject.

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