Monday, October 24, 2011

Tourist Spot at Cheryala in Warangal District

Cheryala in Warangal District, near Jangoan is going to become a Tourist spot in near future with all amenities like Restaurants, cottages,shopping complex,in addition to the Work sheds for the Painters, The Executive Director of Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation B. Srinivas announced, when he visited Cheryala  on 12th October 2011.R. K. Anil Consultant for Rural Tourism Projects also accompanied the Director, to address the Artisans. They went through the process of the paintings of Cheryala.Sri. Srinivas explained to the painters  the objectives of the Project undertaken at Cheryala,which will not only gives a facelift to the paintings, the Artisans   will also  be trained in new designs,marketing and enterprising skills.The local youth will get employment as service providers and guides and other jobs. R.K. Anil had given guidelines to the N.G.O Tharuni about implementation and importance of the Project.Dr. Mamatha, Executive Director,Tharuni presided the Meeting for the Artisans.An Office of Tharuni was established, with Ailesh Yadav, to coordinate the Project activities,on 23rd, October.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Workshop on Capacity building for young women

Tharuni coordinated with Nehru Yuva Kendra to conduct a three day workshop on capacity building to forty young women of Warangal District at Catholic Church, Mariapuram near Geesukonda from 9th to 11th October 2011. N.Y.K. Coordinator A.V. Vidya Sagar and Tharuni Director Dr.Mamatha and other Resource persons spoke on Reproductive Health,HIV AIDS, Personality Development, Legal Enactments pertaining to women etc, The young women  of 18 to 25 years of age participated very actively in the interactive sessions for three days.

Bathukamma by Balika Sanghas

The Balika Sanghas in the four Mandals have played 'Bathukamma' during Dassara festival days to revive their culture and traditions. Tharuni team, along with their Director visited most of the villages and played Bathukamma along with the girls and the prizes and mementoes were given for the best decorated Bathukammas.Kota Ram sponsored the prizes in the memory of his son Kota Akhilesh.Tharuni is indebted to Mr. Ram.

Congratulations Safia

Tharuni coordinators are to be congratulated for their effort to stop child marriages in the villages.It is really a tough job for the lone coordinator in the villages who come to know about a child marriage to be held in the villages. By the time they come to know about the event, the parents make all arrangements, and they mentally prepare the girl to get married with the man decided by them. During this Dassara festival days, many child marriages are held in the villages.
The case of Sravani who was married off in a hurry at Kareemabad, Warangal is one such case,where she was married to a 42 year old man, who got his first wife died and second wife living  with two children.By the time Tharuni Director and Police rushed there he tied the knot, now facing legal case against him and her parents.
Safia, Tharuni Coordinator could boldly face the wrath of the parents and saved Mariamma, who is 16 years old getting married, next day.Safia was threatened, abused for stopping the marriage.Tharuni congratulates the coordinators, who take all risks to stop the child marriages.