Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Congratulations Safia

Tharuni coordinators are to be congratulated for their effort to stop child marriages in the villages.It is really a tough job for the lone coordinator in the villages who come to know about a child marriage to be held in the villages. By the time they come to know about the event, the parents make all arrangements, and they mentally prepare the girl to get married with the man decided by them. During this Dassara festival days, many child marriages are held in the villages.
The case of Sravani who was married off in a hurry at Kareemabad, Warangal is one such case,where she was married to a 42 year old man, who got his first wife died and second wife living  with two children.By the time Tharuni Director and Police rushed there he tied the knot, now facing legal case against him and her parents.
Safia, Tharuni Coordinator could boldly face the wrath of the parents and saved Mariamma, who is 16 years old getting married, next day.Safia was threatened, abused for stopping the marriage.Tharuni congratulates the coordinators, who take all risks to stop the child marriages.

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