Saturday, April 20, 2013

S.P.R. School Children's Gesture under Kids Help Kids-18th April 2013

The Kids Help Kids Compaign of Tharuni is yielding fruits. Tharuni  extends its gratitude to the Management and Principal  Smt.Sivakumari for inspiring their School children to contribute their might for the welfare and progress of other needy students to be educated.
The Students of the school have saved money from the pocket money given by their parents to help the needy in the society, particularly the poor students. They could make small drops of water into a ocean ,
One fine morning the Principal of SPR School Warangal rang up to Tharuni to send few poor students who are unable make their two ends  meet and continue their studies. Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer, Director , Tharuni, took three young women to the School. The Principal  arranged to pay Rupees 10,000 to Yamuna, Second Year Pharmacy Student, Rupees 5000/- to  Swathy, 2nd Year Engineering Student, and Rupees 5000/- to Sunita, Inter 2nd Year Student. Dr. Mamatha expressed her gratitude to the Principal, Staff and Students of SPR School for their contribution to the girls.
Tharuni Team appreciates the gesture of  School children. It may inspire many more schools to' Help Ever & Serve Other' under the concept 'Kids Help Kids'.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Seminar deliberations on 'Adapillalu-Athmarakshana'--continued

Smt. Satyavathi ,Editor Bhoomika, asked every one to stop calling girl child as  'Adapilla',and call her as 'garalapatti' or 'ladlee'.She hoped that atleast 'Nirbhaya Act' may be properly implemented to protect the girl child and women.Many legal enactments are not totally implemented , she said. Hence, women should learn to file complaints, with proper evidences, to implicate the culprits.
Smt.Sobha I.F.S. Addl. Prl. C.C.F, stated that youth should learn the values of our great Indian culture, and change should come from the heart, to respect women in the society.
The chief Guest Smt. Ramalakshmi I.F.S., Commissioner, Sericulture, Govt of A.P. while giving the keynote address said that India has become a'Terrorist Country" with regard to women. Globally our country may be 'black listed'soon, as many countries are asking their women to not to visit India.We should take the slogan now to 'Break the Silence'as India has a great tradition of treating their women as 'Goddesses'. We must save our Joint Family system, for which we have to start a Second 'Freedom Struggle' for Women. Multipolar approach can help  to improve the situation and not the Legal enactments and punitive measures she said.She appealed to all the Women to help their own sisters in fighting against the injustice.
The Cartoon depicting the atrocities against women in different stages of their life cycle were drawn on the Banner by Mr. Sridhar the eminent Cartoonist., was appreciated by one and all.
Thus the Seminar the first of its kind, held immediately after the Enactment of the Act Against Atrocities on Women,(nicknamed as Nirbhaya Act) will certainly,motivates the People to draw more deliberations in near future.  The efforts of  Tharuni and A.P. Balalahakkula Sangham  are appreciable.After Nirbhaya's incident in New Delhi, women are afraid to come out of their houses.Media is very active to report such types of cases. Media need to change to report more against the Culprit, along with their photos, so that socially they will be boycotted. Every citizen certainly appreciates the Government of India for its timely action in initiating and promulgating the Act.
Let us all hope the Men and Women of India lead the world , in organizing themselves to live harmoniously and peacefully within the ambit of our great culture and traditions. 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

The deliberations of the Seminar"Adapillalu-Athmarakshana',held on 4th April 2013

The Seminar on "Girl Child--Strategies to Protect Herself"(Adapillalu-Athmarakshana) was held on 4th, April, 2013.It was presided over by Sri Achuth Rao, President, A.P. Balala Hakkula Sangham,who  reiterated the importance of Conducting the Seminar, while the" Nirbhaya Act' sighned by the President of India, yesterday.
Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer Director, Tharuni Organisation, explained the objective of the Seminar, so as to identify the problems in changing the mindset and attitudinal changes of male counterparts and parents of the girl child..She also stressed to develop life skills of the girl child and bring out the supporting systems available to protect her.
The seminar started with a high note of excellent performance of Self protection with the techniques of Karate by Young Girls trained. Baby Nidhi also sang a song on girl child and danced, impressing the audience.
Later Ms. Janaki, Director PHIN, explained the problems of differently abled girl children, who  need more supporting systems from the Government.

Ms Vijaya Devi, Member, C.W.C;  R. R. District, stressed the need of Counselling Centers in schools and colleges to solve the problems of Youth and children.
Next,  Retired Mass communications Professor, Dr. P. Hemalatha Devi,advised the girls to develop confidence and bravely cope up if they face any atrocity , while ignoring the guilty feelings, to make the culprits get right punishment.Girls are to behave tactfully, while facing odd situations she said. She also appealed to the Media to highlight the Culprit to get socially boycotted, and also to give information about the punishment he receives for the crime against women.
Dr. Radhka, Psychologist, reiterated that respecting women should start at home. the childhood abuses may transform the individuals into criminals.So the parents should  set right the abnormal behavior of their children from the early stages. ( Continued in the next Blog).

Monday, April 1, 2013

Seminar on Adapillalu-Athmarakshana-on 4th april

Andhra Pradesh Balala Hakkula Sangham and Tharuni Voluntary Organization are jointly organizing a half a day Seminar on Adapillalu- Athma Rakshana(Girl-Child--Strategies to protect Herself)on 4th April 2013 from 10 A.M. to 12 Noon, at Ravindra Bharathi Conference Hall, Lakdikapul, Hyderabad.
Mrs. Sunitha  Laxma Reddy, Minister for Women &Child Development will give the inaugural speech.
Mrs. Ramalakshmi, I.F.S., Commissioner, Sericulture, will give the keynote Address.
All the concerned citizens  are cordially invited to attend the Seminar.
Those who are interested can email their opinions on the subject to the following --: