Sunday, April 7, 2013

Seminar deliberations on 'Adapillalu-Athmarakshana'--continued

Smt. Satyavathi ,Editor Bhoomika, asked every one to stop calling girl child as  'Adapilla',and call her as 'garalapatti' or 'ladlee'.She hoped that atleast 'Nirbhaya Act' may be properly implemented to protect the girl child and women.Many legal enactments are not totally implemented , she said. Hence, women should learn to file complaints, with proper evidences, to implicate the culprits.
Smt.Sobha I.F.S. Addl. Prl. C.C.F, stated that youth should learn the values of our great Indian culture, and change should come from the heart, to respect women in the society.
The chief Guest Smt. Ramalakshmi I.F.S., Commissioner, Sericulture, Govt of A.P. while giving the keynote address said that India has become a'Terrorist Country" with regard to women. Globally our country may be 'black listed'soon, as many countries are asking their women to not to visit India.We should take the slogan now to 'Break the Silence'as India has a great tradition of treating their women as 'Goddesses'. We must save our Joint Family system, for which we have to start a Second 'Freedom Struggle' for Women. Multipolar approach can help  to improve the situation and not the Legal enactments and punitive measures she said.She appealed to all the Women to help their own sisters in fighting against the injustice.
The Cartoon depicting the atrocities against women in different stages of their life cycle were drawn on the Banner by Mr. Sridhar the eminent Cartoonist., was appreciated by one and all.
Thus the Seminar the first of its kind, held immediately after the Enactment of the Act Against Atrocities on Women,(nicknamed as Nirbhaya Act) will certainly,motivates the People to draw more deliberations in near future.  The efforts of  Tharuni and A.P. Balalahakkula Sangham  are appreciable.After Nirbhaya's incident in New Delhi, women are afraid to come out of their houses.Media is very active to report such types of cases. Media need to change to report more against the Culprit, along with their photos, so that socially they will be boycotted. Every citizen certainly appreciates the Government of India for its timely action in initiating and promulgating the Act.
Let us all hope the Men and Women of India lead the world , in organizing themselves to live harmoniously and peacefully within the ambit of our great culture and traditions. 

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