Saturday, April 20, 2013

S.P.R. School Children's Gesture under Kids Help Kids-18th April 2013

The Kids Help Kids Compaign of Tharuni is yielding fruits. Tharuni  extends its gratitude to the Management and Principal  Smt.Sivakumari for inspiring their School children to contribute their might for the welfare and progress of other needy students to be educated.
The Students of the school have saved money from the pocket money given by their parents to help the needy in the society, particularly the poor students. They could make small drops of water into a ocean ,
One fine morning the Principal of SPR School Warangal rang up to Tharuni to send few poor students who are unable make their two ends  meet and continue their studies. Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer, Director , Tharuni, took three young women to the School. The Principal  arranged to pay Rupees 10,000 to Yamuna, Second Year Pharmacy Student, Rupees 5000/- to  Swathy, 2nd Year Engineering Student, and Rupees 5000/- to Sunita, Inter 2nd Year Student. Dr. Mamatha expressed her gratitude to the Principal, Staff and Students of SPR School for their contribution to the girls.
Tharuni Team appreciates the gesture of  School children. It may inspire many more schools to' Help Ever & Serve Other' under the concept 'Kids Help Kids'.

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