Saturday, April 6, 2013

The deliberations of the Seminar"Adapillalu-Athmarakshana',held on 4th April 2013

The Seminar on "Girl Child--Strategies to Protect Herself"(Adapillalu-Athmarakshana) was held on 4th, April, 2013.It was presided over by Sri Achuth Rao, President, A.P. Balala Hakkula Sangham,who  reiterated the importance of Conducting the Seminar, while the" Nirbhaya Act' sighned by the President of India, yesterday.
Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer Director, Tharuni Organisation, explained the objective of the Seminar, so as to identify the problems in changing the mindset and attitudinal changes of male counterparts and parents of the girl child..She also stressed to develop life skills of the girl child and bring out the supporting systems available to protect her.
The seminar started with a high note of excellent performance of Self protection with the techniques of Karate by Young Girls trained. Baby Nidhi also sang a song on girl child and danced, impressing the audience.
Later Ms. Janaki, Director PHIN, explained the problems of differently abled girl children, who  need more supporting systems from the Government.

Ms Vijaya Devi, Member, C.W.C;  R. R. District, stressed the need of Counselling Centers in schools and colleges to solve the problems of Youth and children.
Next,  Retired Mass communications Professor, Dr. P. Hemalatha Devi,advised the girls to develop confidence and bravely cope up if they face any atrocity , while ignoring the guilty feelings, to make the culprits get right punishment.Girls are to behave tactfully, while facing odd situations she said. She also appealed to the Media to highlight the Culprit to get socially boycotted, and also to give information about the punishment he receives for the crime against women.
Dr. Radhka, Psychologist, reiterated that respecting women should start at home. the childhood abuses may transform the individuals into criminals.So the parents should  set right the abnormal behavior of their children from the early stages. ( Continued in the next Blog).

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