Friday, July 12, 2013

'Sensitization on Prohibition of Child Marriages, Law and Social Perceptions' at A.P. Judicial Academy, by Tharuni & I.I.P.A.

Tharuni Executive Director Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer and Dr. P. Hemalatha Devi, Executive Member, I.I.P.A., addressed the Newly Selected 65 Jr. Civil Judges at A.P. Judicial Academy  from 10 a.m to 1 p.m on 10th July 2013 on the topic"Sensitization on Prohibition of Child Marriages, Law and Social Perceptions".Director of the Academy, Dt Judge  Sri Avadhani , Addl and Jt Directors, Faculty Members, I.I.P.A. Treasurer Dr. Avn. Reddy attended  the seminar.
Dr. Hemalatha, in her presentation explained the plight of girl children with early marriages. Marriage creates a social bond for the family, leading to human development. Judiciary is an integrator of  values in the society. It has to bridge the gap between Law and Justice, with human touch and social conciousness, while implementing the law of the land..
Dr. Mamatha , in her power point presentation for  two hours, explained the prohibition of child marriages, in a social context, how it ruins the life of the girl child, and role of  Tharuni in combating the social evil for the last one decade.She quoted the Prime Minister's statement,saying 'Court plays  a pivotal role as a catalyst, an organizer, a mentor, an umpire, a participant, and above all a role model.'  While discussing on the details of the Prohibition Act of 2006 in detail, she made an appeal to Judicial Officers to try to eradicate early marriages by  following these few points.

  1. Kindly improve the registration of cases against child marriages, within their purview.
  2. Try to keep the enforcement machinery in their place.
  3. Encourage Public Prosecutors to take interest in Child marriage cases.
  4. Guide the Police to submit correct evidence. 
  5. Take punitive action in few cases at least to create fear among the people.
  6. Encourage compulsory registration of marriages to combat child marriages.
  7. Take suo motto  cognizance of offences under the Act.
  8. Sec.13 (4)-Judges are Prohibition Officers in mass marriages.
  9. Educate Panchayat members to file complaints and report child marriages.
  10. Educate people at large on this issue through Lok Adalats, Legal services Authorities,and awareness camps.
  11.  Pursue to set up separate child help line for children to resist child marriages.
  12. Please remember to decide cases  in the best interest of the child.

Monday, July 1, 2013

P C.P..N.D.T Workshops at four Divisions in Warangal District-May, June 2013 by Tharuni

Tharuni conducted P.C. P. N. D. T.  Divisional level, Stakeholders Sensitization and Consultation Work shops in another four divisions in Warangal District in May and June, to create awareness among the Doctors , Anganwadi workers and A N Ms , Technicians of Diagnostic centers and Police. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India supported the Project, involving Tharuni to conduct awareness programs.The District Collector, District Medical and Health Officers, and Revenue  Divisional Officers at divisional level participated in the Workshops.
!6-05-2013----At  Narasampet
07-06-2013----At  Janagoan
19-06-2013----At  Warangal

26-06-2013----At  Mulugu
All the stakeholders expressed the problems involved in the process of diagnostics. Doctors were advised to take all precautions in this issue.  Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer   explained the Act to save the girl child.The D.M. H. O. advised the Doctors to not to conduct illegal sex determination tests.