Wednesday, October 16, 2013

'International Day of the Girl Child' Celebrations by Tharuni on 11th October 2013

Tharuni celebrated International Day of the Girl Child at Warangal in a befitting  and unique way on 11th October 2013.The Warangal  District Collector G.Kishan launched a SMS Help Line "Tharunopayam"with the Mobile Number--9000243000, through which Tharuni helps the children in distress. 'Tharunopayam' finds immediate solution for the problems the children face.It works for the children up to 18 years of age.If they have any doubts or problems on Health, Nutrition, Child Rights, Child related Laws, they can send SMS. They get everything on such issues, clarified..Not only children themselves, but also their Kith and kin or friends can send SMS to 9000243000. A team of Experts in the fields will help the children.

We help with--;
1.The children can get their doubts clarified. Solve the problems.
2.They can stop Child Marriages.
3.Admit Child Labour in Schools.
4.Stop Child Trafficking.
5.Inform female infanticide.
6.Inform Sale of Children.
7.Protect children/young women from sexual violence.
8.Get the elder Persons punished for their Child Abuse

Thus "Tharunopayam"tries its best to solve the problems of the voiceless children, who cannot assert their rights, with just a Short Message Service ,Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer Executive Director, Tharuni Organisation stated in this context.
The District Collector also released 'Tharuni News Letter" a special issue on Child rights,POCSO Act 2013,Child abuse and Corporal punishment in Schools, and other Child related issues.
The Event was also attended by District Revenue Officer Surendra Kiran, RDOs Madhu and Madhusudhan, CWC Member Thirupathi,Child Line Nodal Coordinator, Srikanth, DPRO Venkatramana,Tharuni Coordinators Ailesh and Bhagya Laxmi and others.
This is a Special Contribution of "" for the International Day of the Girl Child Day.

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