Saturday, February 22, 2014

Tharuni is launching 'Tharuni Vihar' exclusive Rural Tour package for Women and Girl Students

Tharuni is launching 'Tharuni Vihar' an exclusive Rural  Tour Package for Women Travellers and Girl Students.Interested can register their names at the Hyderabad Travel Meet, held at Tourism Plaza, Opposite Kakatiya Shertan Hotel,and Lifestyle ,Begumpet,Hyderabad. These special packages are meant to visit serene Eco friendly Rural areas, Visit and learn age old Cherial Painting Arts and also ethnic  Pembarthi Brass Art pieces and visit different places of culture, in Warangal District, including Pochampalli, famous for saris and dress material.The benefits of this Tour package is safe, secure, comfortable travel  with loads of learning. Contact our Tharuni Stall at the Hyderabad Travel Meet on 22nd and 23-02-2014 or Tharuni contacts.

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