Thursday, July 3, 2014

Girl Child Sex Ratio is low in the City of Hyderabad too.

Tharuni in collaboration with ACTION-AID made an initial survey of some of the areas in the heart of the City of Hyderabad, under the 'Child Sex Ratio Project". It is really surprising to note the following 5 Wards
sex ratio statistics are alarming.
1. Seethaphal mandi-----827 girls for 1000 boys.
2. .Ramnagar------------890 girls for 1000 boys
3. Adikmet--------------895 girls for 1000 boys
4. Vidyanagar-----------895 girls for 1000 boys
5. Nallakunta------------905 girls for 1000 boys

Tharuni initiated 'No Girl-No World' campaign in Hyderabad from January 2014 with 'Bikethon' Rally by young women and men. So it is high time that the Citizens of Hyderabad have to realize the importance of Girl child and spread the message that giving birth to a girl child is also a privilege and asset to the family.

Recently on 28th June Tharuni volunteers represented in the Anganwadi Workers Sector Meeting to enlighten them on PC-P N D T Act,and to stop prenatal diagnostics tests, aborting the girl children. Thirty Anganwadi workers and their Supervisor Smt. Hansaveni participated. Tharuni Coordinator Ailesh Yadav
distributed the Tharuni News Letter and pamphlets to spread the Message.

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