Sunday, November 16, 2014

Children's Day celebrations at Tharuni Gurukul,16-11-2014

Children's Day Celebrations were held at Tharuni Gurukul, in the premises of Branch Library, Champapet on 16th November.Children from different schools, Govt. and Private, participated in the Drawing, Music, Essay writing,and Games Competitions. They were given Prizes for the winners. Smt. Indira Dhansingh was the Chief Guest for the Meeting.She expressed her happiness, for the Gurukul  had  changed the lives of hundreds of underprivileged and privileged children on equal footing, to improve their creativity and talents within the resources available to them.She praised '' for the sincere services done to children.

Dr. Hemalatha devi ,Director and Coordinator of the Gurukul, expressed her gratitude to the Hyderabad City Library Authorities for enabling the community activities in the premises of the Branch Library, Champapet to conduct a Tailoring Center for Women, and extra curricular activities to the children from 2004 to the present.She thanked the present  Librarian Sri  Krishna Reddy and former Librarian Smt. Indira Devi and their Staff Members Sumitra and Vijaya Lakshmi, and the Staff Members of the Gurukul.
Sri Imdad Music Teacher, Smt Nirmala Tailoring Teacher, Ms. Gita, Priyanka,Gutta Ramana , Yaswanth, conducted the competitions and distributed Sweets to Children.

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