Friday, June 5, 2015

Tharuni In collaboration with Hexagon-Revival of Balika Sanghas-Empowerment of Adolescent Girls in Warangal District.

Tharuni and Hexagon Software Company has formed Balika Sanghas in Bodduchintalapalli of Geesukonda Mandal, Warangal district from April  2015.They have adopted the village by identifying 70 adolescent girls to empower them.A Resource and Training Center was established, in the local School compound, with a Mini Library, Sports Material, Computer Lab. Ms.Kavitha is appointed as Coordinator to motivate the girls, convincing their parents and Mr. Santhosh as Spoken English Trainer and Mr. Kiran as Computer Instructor.
the Girls are taught , how to manage Balika Sanghas,disadvantages of Child Marriages, Child Trafficking, HIV/AIDS, Personal Hygiene and its importance, etc in their day to day program, Girls are able to improve their communication skills in English  by attending spoken English classes.They have learnt basics in Computers, MS Office, Word and Excel etc.They are playing Shuttle Badminton, Tennicoit, Volley Ball,Carroms,and chess etc.
The Girls have celebrated Telangana Formation Day on 2nd June 2015, with lot of enthusiasm and fervor.One of the Girls who wants to appear for All India Services was sponsored to get admission  in St. Francis College, Hyderabad.
Tharuni & Hexagon are planning to open a Tailoring Center very soon.
Tharuni Team express their gratitude for the initiative taken by Hexagon to adopt a village  and  educate the adolescent girls with Life skills.

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