Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Launching of 'NILA' (Network of International Legal Activists) for Women and Child Rights on 6th august 2015

Tharuni Founder Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer initiating a sister organisation called' NILA' (Network of International Legal Activists), in collaboration with DR. Smt. T,.Vasantha Lakshmi, Founder of 'Vasantha Lakshmi Charitable Trust&Research Center, on 6th August 2015 , at Hyderabad., in a simple ceremony.
NILA is meant to serve and protect the vulnerable Women and children, subjected to violence or abuse physically, sexually, psychologically, and economically.The abuse occurs at home, workplace, school, college and even on streets.It is a global phenomena.It is important to ensure that the human rights of these vulnerable sections are subjected to marginalization., in the context of crime prevention and criminal justice reform.
So 'NILA' is born to bring all legal activists globally together,  in protection of the distressed  women and children  who fail to get justice, in a right perspective.
Basically, NILA tries to increase the access to judicial and other legal mechanisms, extends assistance to victims , by ensuring legal counselling,and aid, giving physical and psychological support and therapy, thus creating a congenial environment for their rehabilitation.
NILA also tries to see that the victims are not further victimized in the 'insensitive' and complex legal systems and get rehabilitated,by developing the capacity of existing institutions and agencies to offer victim assistance services in a more effective manner.
Hope 'NILA' will create a global net work of legal experts seeking to help many of the voiceless population of fair sex  and the  future citizens  of the World.

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