Sunday, December 11, 2016

Girls Alliance Advocacy Programme Launched by TDH, Plan India & NGOs on 10-12-2016

PLAN India, Mahitha, HELP, Tharuni and other NGOs launched Girls  Alliance Advocacy Programme on 10th December 2016 at CESS Auditorium, in collaboration with Terre des hommes, Netherlands, in the State of Telangana. Thanga Perumal Ponpandi, Programme Manager, Child Trafficking & Migration, Asia, Table Tennis Player Naina Jaiswal, Para Olympic Winner Padmasri Hari Bonafees. Plan India Senior Manager Amith Kumar, She Teams Asst, Commissioner of Police Kavitha, Cocacola India- Isthak Ahmed, Oracle Former CEO Ranjan chak, Andhra Jyothi Editor Srinivas, Tharuni Founder Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer Achanta and other NGO Representatives participated in the launching of the Girls Advocacy Programme. They released the Brochure in the Meeting.
Naina Jaiswal spoke of  importance of girls' education and empowerment. She is doing her Phd at the age of 15 years with the support of her family and is able to excel in all fields, including Table Tennis.
Girls are neglected lot from their birth in some families.They are equal to Men and can excel in every field if they are given opportunities.All the speakers reiterated the importance of Girl's empowerment.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Wockhardt Foundation- Shortlisted Dr. Mamatha Achanta for Child Activist Award-2016

Tharuni Founder Director Dr. Mamatha Achanta is serving Women and Children  for the last 16 years. She worked As Member A.P. Child Rights Commission, Chairperson Child Welfare Committee , Warangal District,which got as the best CWC in South India, She Fought against Child Marriages stopping thousands of them,  and against Child Labour,She formulated thousands of  Girls And Boys Groups in villages to work as a net work to achieve their demands.She got many hundreds of girls educated and empowered.She could even plead with the Law Makers to change the Child Laws. Tharuni's recommendations were accepted in changing the Laws for Child Rights.
Tharuni Website  and and the SMS Helpline, of Tharunopayam highlight the sincere services by Tharuni.Org for Children and Women at large.
The Wockhardt Foundation shortlisted Dr. Mamatha for the Child Activist Award in 2016 among the Popular Awards they give every year. Today ie 8th December 2016 at 12 Midnight  the popular Votes she gets will make her as An Icon of Child Activism. For that friends all over the globe are requested to give missed call to the Number--+917097397618. by Midnight.
Please see the Face book  of for details.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Tharuni held Child Protection Committees Meeting at Gangadevipalli, under SRHR Project on 24th November 2016

Tharuni , under SRHR Project of Terres De Hommes, Netherlands, held a Meeting for the Child Protection Committees Members on 24th at Gangadevipalli,Geesukonda Mandal, Warangal District.

The Women Welfare  and Child Development Department and Health Department collaborated with Tharuni. Women Welfare Officer Smt. Sabitha stated that the Anganwadi Workers and Supervisors will help the adolescent girls and boys who face certain problems at that age. Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer, Founder, Tharuni explained that hundreds of Girs and Boys Groups are formed in the 15 villages and the Child Protection Committees are a part of them. The Child Groups are able to solve their problems by bringing them to the notice of Local Authorities and Non Officials, and empower themselves, with their unity and network.

The Meeting was attended by ICDS CDPOs, Mahender, Sailaja, Sarpanches of Villages,ACDPO Hemalatha, Geesukonda PHC Dr. Soujanya, MPTCs, Anganwadi Workers, ASHA Workers, SMC Members, Boys and Girls Groups Members.It could enlighten the Children to protect themselves.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Bala Panchayat Meetings by Tharuni under SRHR Project-14th to 23rd-11-2016

Tharuni conducted elections for the Balapanchayats in the 15 villages in Geesukonda and Duggondi Mandals of Warangal District recently. In the first meeting after elections the  Bala Panchayat Members brought out few issues,related to them and made a representation to the District Collector, to  solve those problems concerning them. This is an inspiring move by the children with the initiative by Tharuni.The following are their issues raised to be taken care immediately.
1 There are no sufficient Toilets for them in Schools with water facilities.
2.There are no Transport facilities to go to school on right time.They requested for Cycles to go.
3.They asked for English Medium Education even for Telugu Medium Students and Computer Education.
4.They complained that the Mid Day Meal served in Schools is not tasty and not of good quality.
5. They requested for Compound Wall for the Schools with a Gate, to be secure and safe.
6. They also wanted Hostel facility and scholarships for the vulnerable children in the schools.

Tharuni forwarded their  Resolutions as an appeal to the District collector (Rural) in Warangal, to initiate a positive action for the above.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Child Rights Week from 14th to 20th November 2016 by Tharuni Under SRHR Project

Tharuni celebrated  Child Rights Week from 14th  to 20th November 2016 in 15 villages of Geesukonda and Duggondi Mandals of Warangal District.Competitions were held in Essay Writing and Elocution on child rights and prizes were distributed for the winners.Rallies were held with the placards against Child Marriages , Child Labour and Trafficking by the Students, Teachers, Community Members and the Tharuni Team Members.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Tharuni conducted one day workshop for Adolescent Girls on SRHR Rights-23-10-2016

Tharuni Conducted one day workshop for the Girls Groups Representatives of 15 villages, at Gangadevi palli of Geesukonda Mandal on 23rd October 2016. The girls are enlightened on Girls Reproductive Rights,Health rights by the founder Member of Tharuni, Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer.She stated about the importance to understand how the human body grows during Adolescence and how they should react with positive thinking , without any apprehensions.During that period what precautions they should take and which types of nutritious food they should eat, was explained with video display, mapping and group discussions among the girls and the Tharuni  Resource persons.The girls could identify their problems and learnt how to overcome them.More than 75 girls represented their villages.

SRHR PROJECT--Activities in Villages 20th October 2016

Tharuni conducted Village Panchayath Elections for Children in the Villages in Geesukonda Mandal and Duggondi Mandal of Warangal District in the third Week of October 2016.The children voted their Panchayath Members and after Elections, they assembled to discuss their common problems.The elections enabled the Children to understand the process  and method of electing their representatives.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

BIKETHON -International Girl Child Day Celebrations -15th October 2016 at Hyderabad-7 A. M.

Tharuni is organising an  All Women Bike Rally to support the Girl Child,at People's Plaza, Necklace Road ,near Tankbund, Hyderabad at 7 A.M. on 15th October 2016 as part of International Girl Child Day Celebrations. Any two wheelers, Men and Women who are willing to support Girl children, are requested to attend the celebrations.This event is supported by the She Teams of Hyderabad Police and the Traffic Police,Bikerni-Hyderabad and  Hexagon Software Solutions.The Girls from Rainbow Orphan Home and Tharuni Gurukul and Tharuni Warangal are participating in the Event.Many Bikers have already registered their names with their mail IDs. Any person who is willing to participate can register now with a free SMS to No :9000243000. The Rally will be from Necklace road to Sanjivayya Park and return to People's Plaza.A meeting will be held to take a Pledge to support the Girl Child and few Cycles will be distributed to the Girls notified, under the "Cycle to School" Project. All are Cordially invited to support this great cause. Tharuni says, 'No Girl- No World'.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Orientation Workshop for CWC, JJB,& NGOs on child Related Acts by Tharuni on 07-10-2016

Tharuni in collaboration with Department of Juvenile Welfare& Correctional Services, conducted One Day Orientation Workshop for Child Welfare Committee Members and J.J.B Members of Telangana Districts and NGO representatives on Child Related Acts, at Hotel Sandhya on 7-10-2016 from 10 A.M to 5 P.M. It was sponsored by Terres Des hommes & HELP under SRHR Project.Mr. David UNICEF Project Officer, WCD, took the first session on the POCSO Act, sexual abuse cases on Children and important sections in the application of the Act and Role of CWC & JJB in implementing it.The second and fourth sessions were taken by Sri Kismat Kumar, Former Director JJB, on the conceptual background of juvenile justice, its evolution, salient features of the Act and its implications while applying it for the protection of the child. The third session was taken by Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer, Founder, Tharuni who  presented on the Child Labour Prohibition Act 2016. role of CWC and other practitioners for the safety and protection of the child. The fourth session was again continued by Sri Kismat Kumar  on clarifications on other child related acts and procedures to be followed.  The interactive sessions between  the practitioners and the speakers,, made the workshop lively and interesting. The best interests of the child is the most important concept , while applying these child related enactments, the Speakers observed. Dr. P. Hemalatha , Director Tharuni presided over the workshop.  CWC, JJB Members, Chair persons, NGOs like Mahitha, Divya Disha,MVF and many more Members participated in the workshop. Sathyanarayana Programme Officer and Ravikanth, Programme coordinator of  Tharuni Team organised the Workshop.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Tharuni Work Shop for Media Reporters at Warangal under SRHR Project on 27-09-2016

Tharuni conducted Workshop for Media Reporters and Journalists from Warangal District  at Haritha Kakathiya Hotel on 27th September 2016.Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer ,Founder, 'Tharuni' explained in detail about the  Child Laws and the how the Reporters have to react and report about the Children as victims of crime, or as witnesses or involved in the crime.The Children are voiceless and innocent ,Depending on the incident the journalists always keep in mind the best interests of the child.The child should not shown in the T.V. Channels and the Print Media and the  identity of the child may be hidden,  in his/her  best interests. The child must be in the presence of his parent/ guardian, while interviewing him.Too much of questioning by different media Reporters  cause him trauma and stress.The JJ Act and other Legal proceedings must be followed by the journalists always. Otherwise they will be punished and penalised with one lakh rupees fine and six months Jail under the law.
This interface  Meeting was attended by different journalists of both Print and Electronic Media, and the Village Child Protection Committees, Leaders of Girls Groups Sirisha and Rajeswari and Geesukonda Sarpanch Rajkumar  and  the Tharuni Team Members.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Orientation Workshop on reporting on Child related issues under SRHR Project-20-09-2016

Tharuni in collaboration with St. Francis College,Hyderabad, Mass Communications Department, held  'Orientation Workshop on Reporting on child related issues for young Media Fellows' on 20th September 2016, under SRHR Project.As the Media plays a significant role in moulding public opinion, on how to protect children from atrocities, reports the incidents from time to time.But Reporting needs skill to expose the circumstances of abuse and exploitation against children.The Speakers Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer, Founder 'Tharuni',explained in detail, the legal provisions to protect the child and Dos and don'ts , while reporting child related cases.Senior Radio Journalist,
Usha Thuraga, gave an elaborate analysis of the challenges faced by the reporters, along with case studies. Dr. Hemalatha Devi Retired Prof. in Mass  communications, reiterated that the Reporters as watch dogs of Society, should always bear in mind , the best interests of the Children, as they are voiceless.Dr. Antha Kaluvoya, Head of the Department organised  the Workshop. More than seventy five   U.G. and P.G Students  actively participated in the inter active sessions.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Tharuni launched 'Cycle to School' Project at Hyderabad on 13-09-2016

Tharuni Founder Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer and Lata Jain, Senior Journalist initiated the 'Cycle to School' Project to empower and educate the girl children. The girls can have more mobility and freedom with safety and keeps them healthy in their adolescent age, with Cycling. Further the drop out rate of girls from schools will come down.So Tharuni requested donors from the public to contribute for the fund raising campaign, few months back, for which there is good response.In this context Jayceerette Wing (JCI), Banjara Hyderabad, while celebrating 'Joy of Giving Week', donated three cycles to the poor students studying in the ZPHS school, Champapet. The girls are also attending 'Tharuni Gurukul'  a special concept school, improving their life skills for many hundreds of poor children. Dr. Hemalatha Devi who coordinates the Gurukul and also as Director of 'Tharuni' in collaboration with JCI launched the 'Cycle to School' Program on 13th September 2016. JCRT Chair Person Reema Mehta, Secretary Deepsree Sarda, Treasurer Preeti Desoi, Lata Jain, Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer graced the occasion.The local community people, parents and children gathered and appreciated this initiative.
Hope if more people come forward to contribute to this project Tharuni is planning to extend this facility to rural girl children in near future. Tharuni  Hyderabad Account Number can be noted from the Website. Few Non Resident Indians have also came forward to donate for this social cause. Tharuni Face Book also acknowledging the amounts with gratitude.If the donors send their address , Tharuni sends acknowledgement receipts, which comes under IT exemption.
Tharuni hopes that Govt. of India and our State Governments
come forward to initiate and extend this project to all the girls studying from 6th Standard in Govt. schools.It ensures gender equality and safety,and self confidence for Girls.
 So please join 'Tharuni Swechcha'  to empower the Girl Children.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

HER Conference on 'Technology & Human Rights-Presentation on' Tharunopayam' by Sathvik Ponangi-24-08-2016

An U.S. based Astrophysics Professor, Uttam Chandani organised first international Conference of HER India on 23rd & 24th , August at Indian school of Business, Hyderabad.The speakers from different fields  spoke of better  use of technology to control human rights violations.
 Tharuni sponsored an SMS Helpline three years back, to enable vulnerable women and children, who can take advice, guidance and counselling  from the Experts of different fields to answer their queries, sent through their mobiles to the No.9000 24 3000, without disclosing their identity.This Helpline Technology was initiated and operated by 'Doers Guild Software Solutions' Company.It is run without any breakdown for the last three years and could solve problems of 1500 women till now.The CEO and Director of the Company Sathvik Ponangi presented his paper  on "Tharunopayam' in the HER conference., which can be viewed with the following Link

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

HER Conference at ISB- Presentation by Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer on Child Rights on 23-08-2016

The First  HER  India International  Two Day Conference 2016 is  inaugurated today at the International School of Business, Hyderabad on "Exploring Modern Science & Technology Solutions for Humanity, Education and Rights". Tharuni Founder, Former Child rights Commission Member &and  Former CWC Chair person, Warangal and above all Child Rights Activist  Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer, made an  exemplary presentation on the Status of Child Rights & her contributions made for the welfare and protection of Children in our State..
Her presentation is made available here with the following link---:

Sunday, August 21, 2016

State Level Program for Media fellows on Child Rights-SRHR Project; 19-08-2016- At Press Club

Tharuni Organised State Level Program For Media Fellows on Child Rights and Violation of SRHR and Child Abuse, at Press Club on 19-08-2016 from 2 to 5 P.M. Sri Kismath Kumar, Former Director of State  Juvenile Welfare Board was the chief Guest. He enlightened the Journalists, both Print & Electronic Media on the J J Act 2014 in a detailed manner.Dr. P. Hemalatha Devi Retd. Prof. Mass Communications & Journalism, explained on Ethical Reporting on children issues. Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer, Founder of Tharuni,presented on Child Labour act & POCSO Act.The three speakers have reiterated that the Media has to protect the best interests of Children always.If the Journalists commit any mistake in writing and exposing the Child, against its interests , they will be fined upto 2 lakhs & sentence them up to 6 months term of imprisonment, under the Act.
The Program was participated by Anitha from Center for Media Studies, Reporters of Print Media and Electronic Media. Tharuni Team Members Sathyanarayana and Ailesh Yadav  organised the Program.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Girls & Boys Groups under SRHR Project-TOT-on 13-08-2016

Tharuni Founder Member Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer took  TOT for the Balikala Sanghas(Girls groups) and Balura Sanghas (Boys groups) formulated in the 15 villages under SRHR Project at Geesukonda and Duggondi Mandals of Warangal District, on 13th August 2016. She took a four hour  Sessions for the boys and girls on the importance of Life skills and how they should have goals in life to achieve, to be successful and prosper in their lives.They were also told about the basic information on the laws on child marriages, child abuse and so on.  They were also instructed how they can fight against social evils and  sort out social problems of their villages.Nearly 55 groups were established in the 15 villages. Tharuni Team Members, and also ICPS Protection Officer Omkar participated in the sessions.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Tharuni Stall in 'Freedom Ride Carnival' on 14th August 2016

Celebrate Freedom-Join 'Freedom Ride Carnival' on 14th august 2016 Sunday from 2 to 9 Gachibowli stadium, Hyderabad, with Family and friends. Book your tickets@'.
Tharuni is setting up a stall for promoting 'Cycle to School' for rural girls, to educate and empower them.We have to sell 500 Tickets, of Rs.150/- each. Volunteers are requested to participate in this noble cause. Tharuni Welcomes all to visit its Stall  to understand its service to the Girl Child and support it.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Service activities of Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer-Founder of Tharuni& NILA

Dear All
Our Friends on the Globe, you can Listen / Watch the Video in Telugu language  about the Service activities of Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer on Crazy E News of 28th July 2016.The Link is as follows-:

On 6th August 2016 from 9 A. M to 10 A. M you please listen her interview on 101.9 F.M Rainbow.

Monday, August 1, 2016

SRHR Project- TDH- Training of Trainers for Barefoot Counsellors 31-07-2016 to 2nd August.

The Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights of Girl children is aimed at by Terres de Hommes (Netherlands), with a vision to bring 'World free from Child Exploitation'. Tharuni as a partner of TDH adopted 15 Villages in Geesukonda Mandal of Warangal District. Under the Project 10 Barefoot Counsellors and 5 paralegal volunteers were selected to go to villages and identify the problems, study , reach and counsel the vulnerable families. The Trainers  who were trained to educate and train the Barefoot Volunteers, are enlightening them from 31st July  2016 to 2nd august at Geesukonda.

Campaign on Trafficking in Persons at Geesukonda on 30-07-2016 under SRHR Project

Tharuni conducted a Campaign against Trafficking in Persons on 30th July 2016  under SRHR Project of Terres De Homes of Netherlands.That being the World Day of Trafficking in Persons, the Students of Junior College, and High School of Geesukonda  of Warangal District were led in a Procession in the Town by Tharuni Coordinators Ravikanth and Kavitha and other team along with the Teachers and Principals. The N.S.S. Coordintor Prasad and the Sarpanch S. Kumara Swamy  and the local people participated in the procession.The Students made slogans against human trade and trafficking along with placards. At the end of the Campaign  a Meeting was held. The Principal of Junior college Ashok Rao and H. M of High School Prabhakar, Tharuni Coordinators spoke on the issue 'Trafficking in Persons' and how to protect themselves from the Traffickers.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Panel discussion on Trafficking in persons on 30th July 2016, by U.S. Consulate, Hyderabad

On the occasion  of 'World Day against Trafficking in Persons'the U. S. Consulate General in Hyderabad, Telangana State,India is organizing a Panel Discussion on 30th July 2016 to discuss the impact of collaboration on counter trafficking persons.The Panelists are experts, representing Civil Society, Media, Law Enforcement and Judiciary. It is held at -'LAMACAN' Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.
The Panelists are-----
1. Dr. Mamatha Achanta, Founder Director ,' and 'NILA';
2.Ms. Meera Raghavendra, 'WINS' Tirupathi;
3.Mr. Mohd Ahmd Ali-'PRAJWALA'
4. Mr. Krishna Prasad Tenneti I.P.S. Addl. DGP (Railways & Road Safety);
5. Mr. Sudhakar ReddyUdumula. Bureau Chiefin A.P; City Editor, The Deccan Chronicle;
            All are invited to discuss this burning issue on'Trafficking in persons'.
The Australian based Human resource 'Group Walk Foundation', brought out Global Slavery Index in 2016. According to it, 45.8 Million slaves, including women and children are trafficked worldwide,and 18.35 Million slaves from India, on the pretext of recruiting,harbouring, transporting,for compelled labour, or commercial sex acts, by force, fraud or coercion.In the circumstances, a collaboration on counter trafficking persons is the need of the hour.

For details--:
Date 30-07-2016- 5 P.M  to  6-30 P.M
At-'LAMACAN' , Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.
Location on Google map:

Monday, July 25, 2016

'Haritha Haram' by Tharuni & Forest Department Warangal 23rd July 2016

Tharuni and the D.F.O. Social Forestry Sri Srinivasa Rao, D.F. O. South Division Sri Kista Goud  and other Forest Officials  including Sri. P. Raghuveer I.F.S. Addl. Prl. CCF of Telangana State, participated in the 'Haritha Haram' Program in the villages of Boddu Chintalapally and Gorrekunta in the Geesukonda Mandal of Warangal district on 23rd of this month.The local Corporator and Sarpanches, Community leaders, people,Tharuni Resource Center girls, School children and Tharuni Team  led a procession with 'Harithaharam' banners and raps which had given a festive look in the villages.They had planted 900 saplings at all places in the villages.Dr. Mamatha Founder Director ,Tharuni spoke on the importance of protection of our environment against global warming by making it pollution free with trees. Every village should be a 'Harithavanam', she said.She thanked all the officials of Forest Department for Cooperating with Tharuni by actively participating in this program.They villagers  took a oath to protect the plants and protect their environment.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Work Shop on Gender Sensitization and Work Place Harassment on 14-07-2016

Tharuni Founder Member Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer and  Tharuni Advisory Board Member Surekha Adimulam, Director EPITOME, Hyderabad, were the Resource Persons for the Interactive Workshop on  'Gender Sensitization and Work Place Harassment' held at MCRHRDI, Jubilee hills on 14th July 2016.It was participated by Group- A and Group- B Officers of Hyderabad Zone, and 67th Batch- IRS (C&CE) Officer Trainees Group- 2.It was presided by Dr. R. Sakuntala IRS; Chief Commissioner Hyderabad & Visakhapatnam Zone.
Surekha presented on 'Gender Sensitization'. Sudha Koka IRS Addl. Commissioner addressed them on the Legal Provisions  of the Work Place Harassment. Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer presented on the Case studies on sexual harassment at workplace in different organisations. Tharuni  is Ex- Officio Member of the Sexual Harassment Committees in different Organisations in Telangana.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Balikala Mela by Tharuni & Hexagon- 8th July 2016

Tharuni & Hexagon Software Company(INTERGRAPH) jointly conducted Balikala Mela (Girls Meet) under CSR Project, on 8th July 2016 at Warangal. The Girls from Gorrekunta And Boddu Chintalapally of Geesukonda and Duggondi Mandals, in the District are being empowered under the Project  from 2014. They were trained Computer Education, Spoken English, Tailoring in addition to providing Sports and Library facilities. Nearly one hundred and fifty girls Could change, better life skills and learnt folk art forms, participated in Cultural Programs,Sports events and so on. Some of the Girls have performed  cultural programs at the Hexagon Company Day Celebrations, held recently at Hyderabad. Poor girls were given Rs 80.000/- as School/ College fee.Four Cycles were given to the girls coming to School from far off places. Balika Sanghas(Girls Groups) were formed to participate and understand different problems they face from time to time.
The Hexagon CSR Project Vice- President Navaneet Misra was the chief guest for the Function. Hexagon Finance Director S.Muthuswamy, Bhaskar,Sreelekha and other employees participated in the event. Local Corporators Lingam Mounika, L. Balayya and local community leaders, men and women were happy to come and join for the occasion. Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer, Founder Member Tharuni, and Tharuni Team Ravikanth, Kavitha, Jyothi, Rama, Suvarna and others organised the event at GBC Function Hall, Warangal. Dr. Mamatha, while thanking the Hexagon for initiating this Project to empower the adolescent girls,which  helped to bring development and attitudinal change among the future generation. The  Melas  build confidence,  networking and unity among the girls.  The Guests expressed their concern and happiness for the progress of the girls.The girls  performed cultural programs at the end of the Meeting.

Monday, July 4, 2016

SRHR Project--Kalajathas and Awareness Programmes held in 15 Villages in June 2016

Tharuni in collaboration with Terres de Hommes(Netherlands) has conducted awareness Programs during the Month of June 2016 in the 15 Villages of Geesukonda and Duggondi Mandals of Warangal District.The Tharuni Team in collaboration with Kalajatha Trainers from Warangal got Eleven girls trained to perform Kalajathas , play skits and songs on the issues of Child Marriages, Child Trafficking, Child Exploitation, Eve Teasing and and importance of Girl Child Education.The whole team of employees and the Girls went to each village and enacted 'Kalajathas' from 5p.m to 8 p.m.They could cover nearly 490 Girls, 430 boys, 35 Stake holders and 945 Community Members.The villagers were told to inform officials or Tharuni Team to stop Child marriages or Child Trafficking. Tharuni is relentlessly fighting against these social evils for the last two decades.The Cultural Programs could motivate the villagers, Stake holders, Anganwadi workers and DAWCRA  Women to identify the problems of Girl Child and created lot of impact on their minds to understand the solutions.It is a fact that Terres de Hommes  vision is to get a 'World free from Child Exploitation'.Tharuni hopes to mobilize  and motivate the people to empower the Girl child.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Founder of 'Tharuni attended the Course on Community Development by Women Leaders' in Canada in June 2016

Tharuni Founder Member Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer Achanta  successfully completed a Course on 'Community Development by Women Leaders' at the Coady International Institute of Social Sciences, Novascotia, for three Weeks in June 2016. The Coady Institute is a branch of St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, near Halifax, Canada.Nineteen Women Leaders of Social Development were selected from 12 Countries globally. They learnt innovative techniques and methodologies to realize the set goals of Community development.All the Women Leadership  have formulated an international Network to work together on women related issues.

Monday, May 9, 2016

'' is the Technical Partner of 'Bharosa'-Support Center at Hyderabad.

The Hyderabad City Police of Telangana Government had initiated ' Bharosa' an integrated Support Center to help Women of Victims of violence and the distressed children.The City Police have been successfully holding 'She- Teams' from 2014, with which the eve teasing and harassment in public places is under control.This center ,first of its kind in the Country provides a comprehensive assistance through Police, Medical, Legal, and Prosecution Services along with psychotherapeutic counselling, apart from relief and rehabilitation. Bharosa reassures by developing trust, confidence and faith in the minds of the victims,without further victimization and trauma.
Tharuni Founder Member Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer volunteered her valuable services to 'Bharosa' ,when she came to know that it is women victim friendly center, very innovative in its nature.So 'Tharuni became a Technical Partner to 'Bharosa' and served  to make the Center to offer paperless office with all modern equipment  including video conferencing, without attending the Court.Each case will be monitored to take it to its logical end. Bharosa made a Memorandum of Understanding with 'Tharuni', both as Registered NGOs and Dr. Mamatha is appointed as 'Technical Director'to render her  voluntary services to guide and advise the Center to function smoothly.
Bharosa was inaugurated on 7th May 2016 at 11 A.M by the Home Minister Sri Nayani Narasimha Reddy at HACA Bhavan, Nampally, Opposite Assembly Hall, Hyderabad. Director General of Police Anurag Sarma,Principal Secretary, Home Department, Rajiv Trivedi, M.Jagdeeswar, Secretary,  Women and Child Welfare Department, M. Mahender Reddy, Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad, Swathi Lakra Addl. Commissioner of Police and Executive Directors of different NGOs, Doctors, Experts in different fields, Legal experts attended the function. Tharuni Director Dr. Hemaltha Devi got the Tharuni News letter, a special issue on Bharosa was  released by the Minister.

Bharosa Contacts--: '

Tharuni News Letter link-https://

Bharosa Inauguration Photos---:

Monday, May 2, 2016

Progress of Balika Resource Centers at Bodduchintapally &Gorrekunta villages in Warangal District

Tharuni in collaboration with Hexagon Software Solutions Company, Hyderabad is progressing very well in improving the skills of adolescent girls in the two villages of Chintapally and Gorrekunta. Classes are being conducted in Computers, English, Communication skills, Health &  Nutrition , and Tailoring. M.S. Word, Excel,Power Point, Drafting, Data Analysis, Preparation of charts are taught to the Girls, under Computer Education. For English Classes, Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, and Motivational Classes with the Autobiographies of great personalities are taught.Students speak on a topic given in English for few minutes.Group discussions are held on current affairs and General Knowledge. Interactive Health and Nutrition Classes are conducted with audio & video clippings  to create awareness among them.
        10th Class guides are given to the students who appear for the examinations.Four bicycles were distributed to four under privileged girls for their transportation.Birth Days of great People like Jyothirao Phule and also of  the students are celebrated along with National Festivals. Rupees 82000/- fee was paid to the poorest of poor students who could not afford to pay them.Three students were trained to appear for TTC examination in Tailoring.
         Hexagon Officials and Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer, founder member of 'Tharuni' are supervising the Project. Tharuni team  are appreciating the efforts of the Organisers and the Faculty for achieving maximum progress of the Girl Students in the 'Balika Resource Centers'.. Tharuni  is very much  thankful to Hexagon.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Tharuni adopted 15 villages in Warangal District from April 2016, - TDH Netherlands Project

Tharuni has adopted 15 villages in Geesukonda and Duggondi Mandals of Warangal District Telangana, as a partner with TDH- Netherlands and HELP Organisation. The Project started functioning from April 2016 for Three years, to prevent 'Child Exploitation and promoting Sexual Reproductive Health Rights of Girl children. A survey was conducted in the villages and a team of employees are stream lining the activities to be done under the Project.They underwent training at Hyderabad. Tharuni Founder Member Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer is supervising the Project.
Tharuni could identify 740 Vulnerable families in the villages.The Adolescent groups of Girls and Boys were formed in addition to Mothers Committees.Barefoot counselors and paralegal volunteers were selected to identify the problems in the villages. The Tharuni Team underwent training of Trainers under the guidance of 'HELP' Organisation at Ongole.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tharuni transferred TATA Winger Van to 'Bannu- Home' at Warangal 29-03-2016

Tharuni received a TATA Winger 12 seater Van on 16-02-2012  from State Bank of India' Warangal under Corporate Social Responsibility, to be used for a good cause.It was given to 'State Bala Sadan' at Warangal to transport the Children to School, till 2014.
The Van was again given to 'Bannu Mentally Retarded Children Home' in 2015.Recently 'Bannu' has opened 'Praja Vaidhya Sala' at Eturu Nagaram  , Warangal District. The Management of 'Bannu' requested 'Tharuni' to allow them to be used in the Hospital to serve the poor patients' transportation. A permission was sought from the Bank , for which, Bank authorities agreed, to use the Van for a good cause.
Today Tharuni Founder Member Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer, was permitted by Tharuni Board Members to transfer the  Van to 'Bannu' by the Road Transport Authorities of Warangal, to be served for a good social cause.

Tharuni - Technical Partner of 'BHAROSA' one stop Center by the Hyderabad Police.

Tharuni Founder Member Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer Working as a Technical Partner With the Police Department, Hyderabad in formulating  the ' BHAROSA' a one stop center to help the distressed women and Children of Hyderabad city. The website 'www.bharosahydpolice. org' was inaugurated few days back and ' BHAROSA' starts functioning from next month.The newly recruited employees of 'BHAROSA' are being trained by experts from different fields.
Tharuni team are selflessly serving this great cause to serve the women and children.Hope the women of Hyderabad  can get bharosa to manage their daily routine with confidence and self esteem, fearlessly.