Thursday, August 25, 2016

HER Conference on 'Technology & Human Rights-Presentation on' Tharunopayam' by Sathvik Ponangi-24-08-2016

An U.S. based Astrophysics Professor, Uttam Chandani organised first international Conference of HER India on 23rd & 24th , August at Indian school of Business, Hyderabad.The speakers from different fields  spoke of better  use of technology to control human rights violations.
 Tharuni sponsored an SMS Helpline three years back, to enable vulnerable women and children, who can take advice, guidance and counselling  from the Experts of different fields to answer their queries, sent through their mobiles to the No.9000 24 3000, without disclosing their identity.This Helpline Technology was initiated and operated by 'Doers Guild Software Solutions' Company.It is run without any breakdown for the last three years and could solve problems of 1500 women till now.The CEO and Director of the Company Sathvik Ponangi presented his paper  on "Tharunopayam' in the HER conference., which can be viewed with the following Link

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