Sunday, December 11, 2016

Girls Alliance Advocacy Programme Launched by TDH, Plan India & NGOs on 10-12-2016

PLAN India, Mahitha, HELP, Tharuni and other NGOs launched Girls  Alliance Advocacy Programme on 10th December 2016 at CESS Auditorium, in collaboration with Terre des hommes, Netherlands, in the State of Telangana. Thanga Perumal Ponpandi, Programme Manager, Child Trafficking & Migration, Asia, Table Tennis Player Naina Jaiswal, Para Olympic Winner Padmasri Hari Bonafees. Plan India Senior Manager Amith Kumar, She Teams Asst, Commissioner of Police Kavitha, Cocacola India- Isthak Ahmed, Oracle Former CEO Ranjan chak, Andhra Jyothi Editor Srinivas, Tharuni Founder Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer Achanta and other NGO Representatives participated in the launching of the Girls Advocacy Programme. They released the Brochure in the Meeting.
Naina Jaiswal spoke of  importance of girls' education and empowerment. She is doing her Phd at the age of 15 years with the support of her family and is able to excel in all fields, including Table Tennis.
Girls are neglected lot from their birth in some families.They are equal to Men and can excel in every field if they are given opportunities.All the speakers reiterated the importance of Girl's empowerment.

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