Monday, August 28, 2017

Review of the 'NILA" Cases, from 2015 to 2017-August 2017

           NILA a 'Net Work of International Legal Activists' was launched, by Lok Ayukta Justice Subhashan Reddy and Dr. Tripurana Venkata Ratnam, Chair Person, State Women Commission as Guest of Honour on 6th August 2015, by two persons,Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer & Dr. Vasantha Lakshmi to help, counsel and to initiate legal proceedings and aid and advice  for the distressed women and children.

Dr. Mamatha , a Former Member of A.P. Child Rights Commission, CWC Chair Person, Warangal,  a Lawyer from High Court of Judicature, Hyderabad and an Activist for Women and Child Rights, and Founder of 'Tharuni, ,NGO, is relentlessly fighting for the rights of distressed and vulnerable women and children. Dr. Vasantha Lakshmi a Social Activist ,and Founder of Vasantha Lakshmi Charitable Trust, Nellore,is also fighting for the rights of Women and children.

Dr. Mamatha Could solve 52 cases in total for the last two years, related to domestic violence,marriage and divorce cases, workplace harassment cases,and other cases of women suffering from different problems. She could give counselling for 42 cases,among which 12 cases were settled amicably. NILA  could arrange the support for the Victims with the help of Government Departments.Counselling to both parties could solve the workplace harassment case.A cheating case was also dealt , with counselling.

Mamatha Raghuveer  had to file cases before the Lok Ayukta, Hyderabad,  for the Child Death cases in different educational institutions . A missing child was traced , with the initiative taken by 'NILA'
'NILA' being an International Forum working at Hyderabad, the women  from different Countries approached it and got relief from their woes.More than 10 cases were from U.S.A., one from Canada, two cases were from U.A.E;and one case from U.K.and one from Portugal , and others from different parts of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States.Nila never charged any amount for the legal counselling and legal aid given. NILA used Social Media, internet, Face book , Skype and other methods of technology for the legal Counselling and advice.

NILA Held a Workshop on Child Labour policy in 2015,  before the Bill was enacted. It was attended by Sri Bandaru Dattatreya, Union Minister for Labour and SriNayani Narasimha Reddy, Telangana State Home Minister and other legal luminaries.A report of the findings were sent to the Central Government. Another workshop was organised by 'NILA on workplace harassment against women.
A Bikethon was held for empowerment of girl child by NILA in collaboration with 'Tharuni'.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Tharuni Consortium-The Review of Girls Advocacy Alliance Project Achievements-9th & 10th August 2017

Tharuni is the Nodal Agency and  Lead Partner of the Girls Advocacy Alliance Project in the State of Telangana,initiated by Terre des Hommes, Netherlands.from January 2017. Tharuni Consortium includes SCOPE RD from Khammam District , Sramika Vikasa Kendram from Mahbubnagar District and Tharuni from Warangal district.
There was a review of the achievements on 9th & 10th August to discuss the outcome called ' The Harvesting Festival', at Secunderabad.Sri Thangam Perumal and Sri Ezekiel Kanavalli from India Program Office have presided over the Meeting.
Tharuni Consortium could successfully achieved the following targets.They are--:
1.Sensitized 3625 Community Members,344 Media Personnel, 380 government Officials, and 388 N.G.Os/CSOs on the exploitation of Girl child.
2.Stopped six Child Marriages in the three Districts.
3.Sensitised 2050 Media Personnel on how to report about Children.
4. Police Department has mooted the idea of designating Sub Inspectors as Child Welfare Officers in each district.
5. Community Members have started filing cases against Child Sexual Abuse.
6. NGOs have agreed to adhere to Child Protection policy in their Organisations.
7. 'Balika Bandhu' Awards were given to Sarpanches, Media Personnel and Teachers who supported the girl children.
8.Telangana State Women Commission & Tharuni held a Round Table and sent a Report on child Marriages and Compulsory Registration of Marriages in the State.
9. The Commissioner Municipal Administration ,Telangana, issued circulars to all the Municipal Commissioners, Urban & Local Bodies, to ensure Registration of Marriages and submit periodical reports to the Government.
10. The Kalajathas and cultural programmes in the rural areas could  influence the Communities about the importance of Girls Education and Vocational guidance to them, to eradicate the exploitation against girl children.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer in Women Enterpreneur Summit- New Delhi-9th August 2017

Women Enterpreneur Summit was held at Shangrila Hotel, New Delhi on 9th August 2017. On the invitation of WEA -Delhi, Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer  Founder of '' was the Moderator for the theme 'Potential for Female Advantage'.
Sri Birender SinghChoudary, Cabinet Minister in the Central Government for the Steel Industry,  was the Chief Guest  for the Summit. Vijay Kumar Director, MSME, Sonali Shah, Director WEA, Delhi, were the Guests of honour for the  Summit.
New World Media was the Media Partner for the Event. Doers' Guild Software Solutions , Hyderabad, have prepared the App for the Summit.Dr. T. Vasantha Lakshmi Ravikumar organised the Seminar by opening the North Indian Chapter of Women Enterpreneurship foundation.

Monday, August 7, 2017

British High Commission ,Hyderabad,collaborated a Project for School Children,with Tharuni-2017

British High Commission, Hyderabad initiated a Project 'Reducing Vulnerability from Sexual Abuse and Trafficking among Children in Hyderabad'collaborating with Tharuni from July 2017.
Tharuni identified 10 Schools, where child abuse cases were reported, after a Survey conducted.So it is preparing a Booklet to be circulated among Children, Teachers and Parents, to create awareness and how to safeguard, on the subject.
Deputy High Commissioner Mr. Andrew, visited Grace Model School,Karawan, along with British High Commission Staff and Tharuni Founder Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer Achanta,and coordinators.
He also made a visit to the City Office of 'Tharuni'  to understand the functioning of the Organisation, and also, meet its Team Members.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Tharuni Warangal(GAA) in collaboration with Govt. held Anganwadi Teachers Orientation Programme on 27-07-2017

Tharuni in collaboration with Women Children,Disabled,Old age Welfare Department, held Anganwadi Teachers Orientation Programme on 27-07-2017 at Warangal, under the Girls Advocacy Alliance Project.
Smt. Amrapali Warangal Urban District Collector was the Chief Guest for  the Workshop. She promised to uplift the Anganvadi Centers. She also reiterated that all the centers will be included with 'Akshaya Pathra (Mid Day Meals) from August.
The District Welfare Officer SailajaKumari  stated about the important role of Anganwadi Teachers for the welfare of women and children.District Immunization Officer Dr. Syama Neeraja stated about the Anganwadi workers to immunize the Children with vaccination against Measles,Rubella diseases and so on.District Legal Services Authority Judge Christina held that they had trained 30 Anganwdi teachers as paralegal volunteers.Tharuni Communication Officer of (GAA) made a power point presentation on Child Marriage Prohibition Act and Compulsory Registration of Marriages Act to the Participants.
RJD Ramulu, CPDOS, Supervisors,officials , and Anganwadi Teachers participated in the Workshop.